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Join the Air Force: Weird and Wonderful Uses for Air Power

With air tools and compressors, you can literally do any work tasks. This ranges from cutting, grinding, spraying, nailing, inflating, cleaning, wrenching - and more. The point is, if you can do the task, it's more than certain there will be an air tool for it. But, as with anything consumer products wise in life- especially hardware, alot of inventive shed dwelling people have made some great inventions with compressors. Below are some of our best choices of what people have ingeniously done. (Please note, don't try these at home!)

Air Powered Lego Car

lego car This biblical Lego car is actually run off of compressed air! It took a staggering fifty thousand Lego bricks to make, and can reach a top speed of 20mph.

Air Powered Pumpkin Cannons

Pumpkin cannons With dedicated leagues in America, these compressed air powered cannons can fire a pumpkin up to an amazing 4491 feet!

Air Powered Roller Coaster

compressed air roller coasterWhilst technically not built in a shed, (thankfully for the riders) air powered roller coasters offer a massively quick launch as opposed to traditional 'chain and hill' roller coasters.

Air Powered Push Bike

compressed air powered bike This push bike is powered by an air compressor, and is the brainchild of inventor Jem Stansfield. Whilst many fellow inventors raised eyebrows and dismissed his idea, he proved them wrong, and his contraption can reach a top speed of 18mph with a brilliant range of 7 miles between compressor top ups!

Air Powered 'Power Suit'

air powered suit Fancy becoming your very own Iron Man? Well some people have incorporated air power around their own bodies, and have made what's scientifically called 'exo skeletons'. With pneumatics and an air supply, they are able to lift alot more than their own body could ever do; and as such research is going into this area to see if they can be useful in military, emergency and disaster situations.


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