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Lawn Mowers: Which One Should I Buy?

With spring fast approaching and the weather slowly improving, you may find that it's time to dust off the old tools and lawn mower to get your garden ready for the impending summer. Your first step in sprucing up the garden is to tackle the grass, so you're go to machinery would be lawnmowers and strimmers.

You can read our strimmer buying guide here, or continue on to find the best lawnmower for your needs. There are several factors to consider when buying a lawnmower - from the size of your garden to the level of maintenance it requires.
If your current mower is looking more forlorn than for lawn and you're considering an upgrade, here's our guide to cutting a good deal.

BrandPower SourceCutting Deck SizeCutting Height RangeCollector Size
Battery33cm 25-65mm35L
Petrol 46cm17-75mm55L

How large is your lawn?

The size of your lawn, terrain and obstacles is the first thing you must take into consideration when choosing a new lawn mower. A mower that is perfect for your neighbour may not be the right one for you. Size, power source and weight of the lawn mower needed will change with different sized lawns. Are you looking for a design that is great at tidying up a small patch or do you want something that can whip through long grass in large areas with a big refuse bag.

What do you want to use as a power source?

Choosing the right power source, battery or petrol, is one of the most fundamental choices when it comes to purchasing a new lawn mower. Cordless mowers are cleaner, easier to maintain and more lightweight than their petrol counterparts. Petrol powered lawn mowers, however are sturdier and much more powerful, ideal for large lawns. Be that as it may, they do require more maintenance to sustain their power.

How tall or strong are you? 

Some of our mowers have adjustable handles to give various heights to make for more comfortable use. Battery powered lawn mowers are much more lightweight to manoeuvre than their heavier petrol powered competitors. If you don't feel like you have enough strength to be lugging around a big weight for long periods of time then a battery powered option will be much more suited for you.

Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V 33cm Lawnmower

This lawn mower, is dedicated to ease of use and precise cutting abilities. The 33cm cutting path allows for easy manoeuvrability around the garden. The 5 position, single point cutting height adjustments enables you to nip round corners and into tight spaces, allowing you to mow right up to edges. The compact design is brilliant for easy work and storage. The collapsible grass catcher and folding and removable handles ensures that the lawn mower takes up as little space as possible when not in use.

This mower features a fantastic ergonomic handle design, providing you with a constant comfortable grip, perfect for long term use. The intelligently positioned handles also work to relieve back pain that can occur from mowing, by allowing for an upright position, even when pushing the machine for a continuous amount of time. The handle also boasts 5 height adjustable positions, making this lawn mower suitable for use by everyone.

Ryobi ONE+ RLM18X41H240 18V Cordless Fusion Lawnmower 

Aerodynamically designed for an optimum cutting deck, the Ryobi Fusion Lawnmower is armed with a 40cm full metal cutting blade for incredible cutting and mulching performance. The ergonomic handle is designed to specifically reduce fatigue for longer use. Whilst the robust 5-position adjustment lever provides a broad cutting range of between 20mm and 70mm, meaning you can get exactly the finish you're after.

Not convinced a battery powered mower can go the distance? With the 4.0Ah batteries you can cover up to 600 square metres of lawn - that's two tennis courts! Meanwhile the large capacity 50 litre, hard top grass bag means you'll be disposing grass clippings far less then you'd think. The catcher is completely collapsible, making it easy to carry around and store flat. 

Hyundai HYM460SPR Self Propelled 135cc Petrol Roller Mower Lawn Mower

This Hyundai lawn mower is a self-propelled roller mower, powered by a 139cc 4-stroke low emission petrol engine.
The cutting height is easily adjustable to 7 positions with a single height adjusting lever from 17mm to 75mm. Fitted with a full width ribbed rear roller you can create a professional striped lawn effect. The rear roller extends right to the edge of the cutter deck so you can mow along borders without any fear of the mower tipping over giving a solid banded finish.

This lawn mower boasts a cutting width of 46cm or 18", making it ideal for medium size lawns. The large 55 Litre grass collector features a high airflow plastic top with a level indicator to ensure maximum grass pickup and can be easily emptied. Fitted with a hard wearing steel deck for extended long life.

Hyundai HYM430SP Self Propelled 139cc Petrol Lawn Mower

This 2.6kw Hyundai lawn mower has a rear wheel drive and 42cm cutting width making it ideal to use for small to medium sized lawns. The height is easy to adjust with the single height adjusting lever featuring six various heights between 25mm to 75mm. The lawn mower has a contactless ignition system making the mower easy to start. The driver to the rear wheels is controlled from the rear mounted handle control. Meanwhile all wheels use twin sealed bearings for long life and low resistance.

The quick release large 45-litre grass collector features a high airflow plastic top with a level indicator which ensures maximum grass pickup. The handle of the lawn mower is comfortable to use and uses OPC technology, ensuring that the engine will not run if you let go of the handle. The lawn mowers handles can be folded down for compact storage ideal for the garage, garden shed or transporting within a vehicle. 

Still not sure which lawn mower to choose?

With this detailed how-to guide, you should now be able to find the lawn mower that’s right for you, spot a high quality mower, and even maximise the performance of your mower. Whether buying your first lawn mower or upgrading your existing one, you now should have the know-how to shop with confidence.

If you have any questions about any of the products in our range or you need a little more guidance, you can contact our technical team through our online contact form or you can call us on 01332 573 850.