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Office track racing: How we did it| SGS Engineering

As engineers, we’re naturally partial to a bit of motorsport whenever we get the chance, the burning of the rubber on the asphalt definitely gets our juices flowing. So when our bosses told us they were going to be away for the day, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to channel our inner petrolhead by combining our two loves; racing and engineering.

So, without further ado, the guys that brought you Leaf Blower Billiards and Power Drill Foosball, are now pleased to introduce a brand new concept of motorsport: Office Track Racing.

Who knows, F1 might decide on adding some ultra-urban grand prix after seeing this…

The preparation

The first step on our quest to make our mark on the motorsport world was to figure out how long our circuit would. We measured up the space we’d be using (much to the annoyance of everyone trying to finish their reports!). We then marked out the areas we were wanting to use and hit the drawing board.

We did some calculations to work out how many pieces of track we’d need to use, as well as looking at the speeds at certain points and how much power we’d need to use, after all, we wouldn’t want the cars flying off the track and into someone! There’s no blame to be claimed here…

We brought out our track, as well as some tools to help us get it all together. We threw in a couple of obstacles too, after all, this isn’t your everyday racetrack and we wouldn’t want to make it too easy!

We knew this would not be a walk in the park, unlike just setting it up in our living rooms, this time round we’d have to negotiate around: desks, keyboards, computer mice, coffee cups, phones, notepads not forgetting some annoyed colleagues!

Race Time

Finally, it was time to get our engines started. Luckily, we didn’t require helmets or overalls, although, they still wouldn’t be enough to keep us safe from the sales guys busy on their calls coming after us, or from our bosses when they found out we were weren’t exactly making the ‘best’ use of company time!