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Pressure Washers: a buyer's guide

pressure washer buyers guide

In the summer months a pressure washer can be a real life saver. They can be used for a multitude of applications, from cleaning cars and bikes, to washing patios, decking, fences, guttering, garden furniture and even smelly wheelie bins.

In most cases, water combined with pressure is enough to dislodge the dirt, though sometimes detergent can help – especially when washing cars – so many models have detergent tanks or a bottle attachment. A pressure washer can effectively exile grime and dirt in a fraction of the time it takes to use a brush and bucket of water. It transforms your humble garden hose into a dirt-demolishing, deep-cleaning machine.

Pressure washers come in many shapes and sizes: from tiny units with a short hose that you have to carry around, to large trolley-style machines with on-board storage for an array of cleaning accessories.

To choose the pressure and flow you need, think about what you’ll be cleaning, how often you’ll be cleaning it, and how dirty it will get. Both of these factors are important as the pressure is reflected in the cleaning, and the flow is reflected in the rinsing.

As a general rule, the higher the pressure, the more suitable the tool is for cleaning stubborn dirt and harder surfaces – such as paving and concrete. The water flow rate reflects its performance when rinsing. So, if you’re looking to speed up tasks like car cleaning, a higher water flow rate can be helpful. Below is a table to help you choose whether you need a light, medium or heavy-duty washer.

Keep in mind, while these are fantastic pieces of machinery, they certainly use much more water than a watering can or hose. So with the environment in mind we urge you to use them sensibly.

Cleaning Task Light DutyMedium Duty Heavy Duty
Garden Furniture

Light Duty

Hyundai HYW3100P 2800psi 212cc Petrol Pressure Washer

This incredible pressure washer is powered by a tidy 212cc 4-stroke, low emissions recoil start petrol engine.
The engine has tremendous mid range torque so the machine does not have to be operated at maximum revs while cleaning. This makes for a more pleasant, quieter user experience and reduces fuel consumption, whilst promoting long engine life. The user friendly easy start recoil engine makes jobs where no electricity is available incredibly convenient.

The cold water, gravity fed HYW3100P delivers 2800psi and a flow rate of 8.75L/min for quick, easy and effective cleaning of driveways, patios, vehicles, windows and other demanding jobs. It’s also fitted with tough pneumatic tyres which makes this a portable pressure washer. The tubular steel frame and anti vibration feet provides all round protection and stability. The trigger gun & lance rest provides easy accessibility, likewise with the built in nozzle compartment.

Hyundai HYW135 Cold Water Portable Electric Pressure Washer

This is an extremely powerful electric jet power pressure washer from Hyundai, powered by a 1900W professionally engineered Hyundai electric motor and aluminium pump head the HYWE135 produces an adjustable output of 135bar to 1957psi with a 420L/HR flow rate. Weighing just 8kg the ergonomic moulded handle makes manoeuvrability very easy and the built in cable management, lance gun holder and accessory storage keeps storage to a minimum.

The click connectivity high pressure lance with adjustable high and low pressure gives you everything you need to start cleaning straight out of the box. Suitable for all cleaning tasks around the home and garden the HYW135 is the ideal lightweight pressure washer for the home user. With a 5m high pressure hose and 5m power cable it gives plenty reach. Accessories include trigger gun, high pressure dirt blaster lance, foam lance, fixed brush, rotary brush, turbo nozzle (50% more power),nozzle head and patio cleaner.

Hyundai HYW2400P Petrol Pressure Washer 2465psi

The entry level petrol pressure washer from the Hyundai range is designed for domestic use. Providing a maximum output of 2465PSI with a 7.9L/min flow rate, the pressure washer runs on petrol which provides the freedom to clean away from electrical supplies, ideal for large estates. The pressure washer is ideal for cleaning patios, cars, motorcross bikes, garages, sheds, etc.

Equipped with a high quality Axial pump, this pressure washer is designed to cope with the rigours of demanding cleaning jobs that a lot of standard pumps simply could not. Weighing just 28kg, the HYW2400P is extremely portable, attached to a sturdy frame with two large wheels. This machine features a soap detergent tank which can be filled with detergent fluid, which is drawn in to the water stream when using the correct nozzle to cut down on your cleaning time.

Medium Duty

Hyundai HYWE15-90 PRO Cold Water Portable 3-phase Electric Pressure Washer

The HYWE15-90 pro is an extremely powerful yet portable electric jet power pressure washer from Hyundai, powered by a 5000W 3-phase Hyundai electric motor and linear pump the HYWE15-90 PRO produces a maximum output of 2175 psi with a 900L/HR flow rate. Weighing 44kg it is easy to maneuver using the ergonomic molded handle with built in hose reel and heavy duty trolley wheels is built to make tough clean-up tasks faster and less demanding. 

A high quality lance with adjustable high and low pressure gives you everything you need to start cleaning straight out of the box. The mounted hose reel and cable holder ensures the hose/cable is tangle free while in use and stored tidily while not being used.

Honda GX200 AR Italy Triplex Pump Petrol Pressure Washer – 196CC, 6.5HP, 2500PSI

Utilising an Italian AR RCVU3G25D commercial quality triplex pump, this professional grade pressure washer is powered by the ever reliable GX200 engine. Perfect for demanding commercial applications and the comparative UK hire market, this washer has a maximum pressure output of 2500 PSI and a flow rate of 11.4 litres / minute so there’s no need to worry about lacking the punch to deal with tougher jobs.

This unit features a built in unloader valve for adjusting pressure and a thermal relief valve to prevent the unit over heating the pump water. Mounted in a powder coated steel frame with large pneumatic wheels and stabilising feet, this washer is portable, durable and runs surprisingly quietly.

Hyundai HYW4000P AR Triplex Pump Petrol Pressure Washer - 420CC, 14HP, 4000PSI

The pump on this pressure washer is engineered to be an axial pump, designed to cope with the demand of regular work. On board it has a 14.0hp IC420 Hyundai engine; the washer itself has a detachable handle that can be folded down over the whole unit to act as an engine buffer for when the machine is in transit or stored. The pressure washer has a standard 4-piece nozzle set, it also comes with a ‘turbo’ nozzle, rated to a maximum of 3700psi.

This pressure washer has a massive 3500psi continuous running pressure, which will safely reach a peak pressure at 4000psi, this high pressure means that the cleaning is excellent. The HYW4000P also has a separate soap tank, which can be filled with detergent, but will only been drawn into the water stream when using the designated detergent nozzle.

Heavy Duty

Honda GX390 Triplex Pump Belt Drive Petrol Pressure Washer with Stainless Steel Frame – 389CC, 13HP, 3500PSI

If you have heavy duty cleaning requirements and want a highly portable and reliable washer, this pressure washer could be the ideal solution for you. Powered by the incredibly impressive honda 389cc petrol engine and utilising a General Interpump TSS-1511, Triplex commercial pump, this pressure washer produces a maximum 3500 PSI and a flow rate of 15.1 litres per minute. Get a better finish in less time with this impressive cleaning solution.

External unloader valve and pressure adjuster are chassis mounted on to a fantastic looking, rust proof stainless steel frame, reducing vibration and increasing lifespan. A thermal relief valve prevents the water circulating around the pump, whilst cooldrive technology ensures that it remains cool at all times, drawing cool air over the pump and reducing heat by up to 25%.

Hyundai HYWE 20-126 PRO Cold Water Portable 3-phase Electric Pressure Washer

The HYWE20-126 pro is an extremely powerful yet portable electric pressure washer from Hyundai. Powered by a 9400 W 3-phase Hyundai electric motor and brass head linear triplex pump this machine produces a maximum output of 200bar or 2900psi with a 1260L/HR flow rate. Weighing just 72.5kg, its upright design is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its large heavy duty wheels. The HYWE20-126 PRO is built to make tough clean-up tasks faster and less demanding. 

The integrated cable holder ensures the power cable is tangle free while not being used. While the onboard storage solution means your trigger gun and accessories are stored neatly and safely. Suitable for heavy duty industrial, commercial and workshop use, it's ideal for cleaning yards, workshops, fleets of cars, commercial vehicles and much more. With an 8m high pressure steel reinforced hose and 5m power cable it provides impressive reach and allows you to clean wide areas.

Honda GX690 Triplex Pump Petrol Pressure Washer – 688CC, 22HP, 5000PSI

If you have serious cleaning requirements, this pressure washer is perfect for you. It has a huge maximum pressure output of 5000 PSI and a flow rate of up to 18.9 litres per minute. Mounted in a heavy duty powder coated frame with four wide pneumatic tyres and park brake, this top of the range pressure washer is ready for the most demanding professional and industrial applications.

Powered by an incredibly mighty 22 HP Honda GX690 Electric Start engine with low oil shut down, no expense has been spared in putting together the biggest and most impressive washer in our range. Featuring "cooldrive" technology this washer, draws cool air over the pump, reducing heat by up to 25% ensuring a longer lifespan.

Still not sure which pressure washer to choose?

pressure washer buying guide

With this detailed how-to guide, you should now be able to find the pressure washer that’s right for you. Whether you're buying your first pressure washer or upgrading your existing one, you now should have the know-how to shop with confidence.

If you have any questions about any of the products in our range or you need a little more guidance, you can contact our technical team through our online contact form or you can call us on 01332 573 850.