Leaf Blower Buyers Guide: Which Leaf Blower Should I Order?

Leaf Blower Buyers Guide : Which Leaf Blower Should I Order?


Want to know how a leaf blower can help make ease of mundane tasks in your garden? SGS Engineering let you know how with our online guide.


Here at SGS Engineering, we’ve got a huge selection of garden tools and equipment that can make those troublesome maintenance jobs much easier; none more so than our quality leaf blowers. These durable pieces of gear will save you time and effort as they make tasks you’d otherwise need to do by hand a breeze – if you’ll forgive the pun!


So for further information regarding just what they can do for you, as well as detail about how best to use one courtesy of our handy how-to guide, be sure to read on to find out more.


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What is a Leaf Blower?


It’s quite easy to guess what a leaf blower is, based on its revealing name. However, aside from being purely a means of removing leaves and moving garden debris around, if you check out our selection of leaf blowers on offer you’ll find that some of our products include more functions like shredding and vacuuming this debris. Some have also been used for drying paved and decking areas in gardens and in some extreme cases drying their cars.


What is a Leaf Blower?



Why you should Use a Leaf Blower?


Both domestic and commercial users alike can enjoy how much more convenient a leaf blower can be. If you’ve ever had to laboriously rake or collect up by hand any leaves, clippings, twigs and other garden waste, you’ll appreciate how tiring and time-consuming this is.


With our petrol powered leaf blowers you can efficiently blast the mess in your garden out of the way or into manageable piles. Better yet, the models available with extra vacuum functions can clean up these areas completely, while the over the shoulder carrying options and hand operation offer added and smooth control.



How to use our Leaf Blowers


When you have purchased your new leaf blower there are a few safety precautions we recommend you take before you start using it:


  • Wear thick gardening gloves when using your leaf blower
  • Wear appropriate outdoor clothing
  • Wear goggles
  • Wear effective ear protection
  • Make sure the area is clear of others (particularly children and animals)
  • Avoid using on windy days
  • Never leave your leaf blower unattended when it is running



Power Source


Now you know all the features to look out for in your leaf blower the next step is to decide on what your preferred power source is. You will need to take into account the power needed for the amount of work and the size of the land you'll be working on. If you have power sources available, then you may prefer to go for a corded electric blower, as they will weigh less than the other options and are suitable for operation with one hand. However if you're looking to avoid use of a power cord or find it difficult to maintain a petrol powered model it may be useful to opt for a lightweight cordless blower.


The petrol powered models are however louder and much heavier than the electric and battery powered models and starting the machine is not as easy. You need to pull the cord to start the machine every time you want to use it and the machine requires tuning up, however these models certainly offer unparalleled power and durability. A model typically favoured by professionals, or frequent users.




SGS 26cc 3-in-1 Petrol Leaf Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher & Shredder


SGS 26cc 3-in-1 Petrol Leaf Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher & Shredder

The new SGS leaf blower and vacuum is the perfect tool for cleaning your yard, not only from leaves but also other light and loose garden debris. The 2-stroke, air cooled, single cylinder engine provides an incredibly strong blowing and sucking power. The compact, lightweight, but also ergonomically positioned design, gives improved support and balance.


Easy to start and operate, this durable petrol leaf blower is much more comfortable to hold and move around in a sweeping motion for extended periods of time. Switching between the blower and vacuum function is extremely effortless - requiring only the removal of the nozzle and the fitting of the debris pick-up tube, the material delivery pipe and the fabric collection bag. 



Hyundai HYBV26-2 26cc Leaf Blower


Hyundai HYBV26-2 26cc Leaf Blower

The HYBV26-2 is ideal for shredding, collecting and blowing not only leaves but other light and loose garden debris. Perfect for estate, leisure, home and amenity use. This versatile machine with its triple functions is economical and reliable. The two-stroke-air-cooled engine that produces 0.9hp. Whilst the blower is fitted with a tapered nozzle to direct 114mph air blast, ideal for efficiently and quickly moving debris.


When collecting leaves and other debris in vacuum mode, the debris and leaves go through a fully-guarded, high speed revolving blades before they reach the bag. Due to this the bag can store a significant amount of debris before the user needs to empty it. The leaf blower comes complete with a single over-shoulder support harness ideal for vacuuming operations.



Hyundai HYB60 Leaf Blower


Hyundai HYB60 Leaf Blower

This is the flagship model from the Hyundai leaf blower collection. The high quality design and two-stroke air-cooled engine produces a meaty 3.3hp while the high-capacity blower fan generates a maximum air speed of 120 metres/sec – equivalent to 286mph at the air delivery nozzle. Designed to be used by domestic, leisure and commercial users, for easy dispersal of leaves, debris, litter, etc.


The back pack style frame means that you can carry the engine and blower fans 11.2kg weight easily and comfortably. Supported by twin shoulder harness with padded straps, a large diameter tube with flexible insert transports high-speed air from the fan to the nozzle outlet tube. All controls are mounted on the hand grip, allowing convenient, fingertip operation of the blower over short or longer periods, optimum work rate while minimising fatigue.





Ryobi ONE+ OBL1820S 18V Cordless 245km/h Blower


ryobi cordless leaf blower

This Ryobi blower is an incredible piece of machinery. It is more powerful and even lighter than its predecessor, a brilliant addition to your garden tools. Perfect for blowing leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from driveways, footpaths and outdoor areas. The sleek lightweight design allows for easy manoeuvring around the garden area, whilst Ryobis patented GripZone moulding ensures maximum user comfort during longer operation.


This machine packs a remarkable 245km/h air velocity and over 22 minutes run time per charge on a 5.0Ah battery. Featuring Lithium Ion technology, this blower provides cordless convenience and eliminates any need for long extension cords.  The IntelliCell battery management technology individually balances each cell for the longest possible run time and storage life.



Milwaukee M18CBL-0 18v Brushless M18 Fuel Blower 


Milwaukee M18CBL-0 18v Brushless M18 Fuel Blower

As all tools by Milwaukee are, this is an incredibly powerful piece of machinery. The variable trigger and speed lock create full power control enabling the blower to have a longer motor life and up to 20% more power per charge. Boasting 12.74 m³/min of air volume at 100 MPH and an ergonomic inline design which helps to clear debris and dirt from tight spaces with ease. 


This blower can clear from up to 4.5m away and generates up to 30% less noise than a typically petrol powered tool. Designed to meet both DIY and landscape maintenance professional needs, the ambidextrous cruise control allows you to set a desired power output, so the operating hand can be relaxed reducing fatigue.





Ryobi RBV3000CESV Corded Blower Vacuum


Ryobi RBV3000CESV Corded Blower Vacuum

The Ryobi Electric Blower Vacuum is ideal to use as a blower, vacuum or both at once with the two tubes located on the tool which saves time and effort. The modes from blower to vacuum is easily switchable with the quick change lever and the multi speed dial gives the user ultimate control.


With a maximum power of 3000 watts this machine has a high airspeed and airflow ratio at low power consumption. A quiet mode option is available even with the airflow reaching a maximum speeds of up to 374km/h. This model featues the Patio head and nozzle roller which prevents suction pulling the unit to the floor on smooth survaces such as slabs. 



Ryobi RBV3000CSV Corded Blower Vacuum


Ryobi RBV3000CSV Corded Blower Vacuum

The Ryobi 3000W Electric Blower Vacuum is ideal to use as a blower, vacuum or both at once with the two tubes located on the tool which saves time and effort. It is simple to switch between blowing and vacuuming modes. Its powerful motor and two speed dial ensure a strong performance for both applications.


The robust metal blade ensures a great 16:1 mulching ratio, meaning vacuumed material is chopped up finer and composes better. A vertebrae shoulder strap evens the tool's weight out for a more comfortable use during long periods. The modes from blower to vacuum is easily switchable with the quick change lever and the multi speed dial gives the user ultimate control. A quiet mode option is available even with the airflow reaching a maximum of up to 374km/h. 



Still need help?


still need help

Our in house experts are always on hand for buying advice and to provide bespoke care, regardless of the application.

Call SGS on 01332 576 850 or fill out our contact form today.



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