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The Top Five Most Unique Paint Jobs

A car’s colour accentuates our personality, from a timeless black finish, to a fresh white colour, or maybe a passionate red- we all have our favourites.
But in the world of cars, some people go that extra mile with their ‘paint jobs’, and here’s our pick of some of the most fantastic ones we’ve found.


1. Lamborghini Aventador with a ‘Tron’ paint job. 

As if owning a Lamborghini wasn’t cool enough, someone decided to marry up their Lambo with a super fresh Tron paint job- and what’s more it glows in the dark!
Although, saying that, the old adage of ‘more money than sense’ applies here, as this stunning vehicle was seized by a police force because the owner had no proper insurance for it.
Who’s betting the police took it for a cruise outside their station?


2. Rolls Royce Phantom V, with traditional ‘Romany Gypsy’ insignia.

This beautiful ‘Roller’ came from the factory in a white finish, however it’s owner John Lennon of the band The Beatles, decided to give it a unique paint job- and whilst alot of its admirers say it’s a ‘trippy design’, it’s nothing to do with a psychedelic meaning, John Lennon actually commissioned a traditional Romany Gypsy artist who normally painted Romany caravans, to do this paint job.


3. Lamborghini Gallardo

Don’t worry, we haven’t got a massive bias towards Lambo’s (although they are beautiful, aren’t they?) this ‘paint job’ example is particularly special, as it’s not actually paint- it was all done by an artist who did it all with Sharpie permanent markers!


4. BMW M3 touring car

This paint job is particularly special, as it’s a nod to the BMW motor racing livery of this style way back in the 1970’s, and not only that- it reminds us of the infamous ‘stargate’ sequence from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


5. A bus with advertisement.

Whilst not a car paint job, and something you couldn’t park on an average driveway- we still think this paint job is awesome, as it’s a massive snake strangling a bus!
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