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Top Tips on the Safe Use of Strimmers

Last month we wrote a post detailing five gardening jobs you can use a strimmer for and we briefly touched on the safety aspects involved in their use. At SGS Engineering however we appreciate just how important it is to always work safely no matter what piece of equipment you’re using. So we’ve put together this more in-depth post detailing how to keep yourself, those around you and your plants and animals safe when using a strimmer.

Why is Safety Important?

In the coming months the weather will become sunnier and your garden becomes a place for all the family to relax, play and revel-in. Plant-life in your garden will flourish too, bringing out idyllic flowers and lush greenery and with this a host of new residents can appear, ranging from birds and mice to frogs.

Needless to say it turns into quite a busy place, so when you are using a strimmer, aside from the protection you need to provide for yourself to avoid injury, there’s lots of others to think about too.  You only have to look at this article about a hedgehog’s unfortunate encounter with a garden strimmer to realise what can happen if you’re not careful.

To find out how best to ensure all of the above are protected, consider the following points:

Personal Protection

Keeping Others Safe

Protecting the Plants

Watching out for Animals

A final reassuring point for you is that with SGS you’ll be purchasing a product that is expertly designed and comes with the CE & GS/TUV safety mark. With this mark you get added peace of mind in knowing these are tested and safe to use. So be sure to check out our selection of strimmers on offer and then simply follow our advice to ensure you’re always strimming safely.