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What’s in Your Toolbox? - Tom Edition

In August, SGS Engineering’s very own Tom gave us an insight into what toolbox he uses and what you would find in it, so we thought we’d find out what toolbox and tools one of our other employees Sam uses, and his views on what everyone should have., here’s what he had to say:

bike1Hi there Sam, first of all what do you personally need a toolbox for?

‘Hi, I need one primarily for keeping my cycling tools in and more significantly so they don’t clutter up the house; plus storing them in my toolbox and keeping the house tidy saves me from an ear bashing from my missus!’

So, which toolbox do you have?
‘I have the Mobile Rolling Suitcase Tool Box STC500B.’ (you can find one yourself here)

Why did you choose that particular toolbox?
‘Mainly because of how easy it is to manoeuvre and because I can easily get it outside into the garden when I want to do some work on my bike.’

bike9What would we be likely to find in your toolbox?
‘Well at the minute I’ve got quite a bit in there, which is what it’s like most of the time, there’s: Allen keys, multi-tools, hack saws, files, hammer, cassette tool, bottom bracket tool, chain breaker, cone spanners, my cycle computer, locks, lights, saddle bag, inner tubes, puncture repair kits, hand pump and a C02 gun and canisters for blowing up tyres. So quite a bit really!’

What do you think everyone should have in a toolbox?
‘Personally, I think everyone should have at least a set of Allen Keys and a set of Spanners. They’re a must – especially for bike owners.’

What would be the best size for a ‘starter’ toolbox?
‘Definitely the one I use! It’s perfect for moving around and keeping small light tools in, but also it’s got room to accommodate more tools when your collection grows.’

What do you think is the best or most practical way to pack a large toolbox?
‘First you need to get some non-slip mats and tray inserts, and then you pack your small tools at the top and the larger ones at the bottom.’

If you had to choose one tool that you couldn’t do without, what would it be?
‘I would have to say, my multi-tool. It’s versatile and vital for repairs on the go.’

Many thanks Sam!
‘Thanks a lot, cheers!’