What’s in Your Toolbox?

We love all of our employees at SGS. So much so, we thought you might like to meet some of them too. Here’s Daniel. He’s one of our Gas Strut Engineers and he’s kindly let us peer into his toolbox… img_0439 Hi Daniel! Why do you need your toolbox? 'I ride motocross and maintain both mine and my friends’ bikes. I have quite a lot of standard tools as well as some specialist tools for our bikes, as well as spares, oil, seals and lube. I've invested in a bike ramp and an SGS stool to make working on my bike much easier. I can then roll my tool cabinet over and have all my tools on hand, organised properly and laid out neatly. Hunting around trying to find a 10mm spanner is not ‘the one’.' pic 2 Which tool box do you own? 'I have the 26” top chest and cabinet, and I am hoping to add the middle chest at a later date.' Why did you choose that particular one, Tom? 'Because it’s heavy duty and has roller bearing sliders. Also it was the biggest one I could afford but I would have liked the 36” or the 42” model.' If we were to open it now, what would we find in there? 'Spanners, sockets, t-bars; all of the usual stuff. I love tools so it’s crammed full.' Pic 3 What item in your toolbox couldn’t you live without? 'Definitely my socket set.' Have you customised your toolbox in any way? 'I’ve plastered the top with motocross stickers. I’ve always done that with my tool boxes.' Pic 4 Would you recommend your toolbox? 'Yes, definitely!' If you had an infinite budget, what toolbox would you replace it with? 'SGS do a 75” version that can be extended with two side cabinets as well. The thing is huge!' (You can see what toolbox he means, by clicking here) Thanks Daniel! 'No worries!'


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