Which Mitre Saw Do I Need?

For all sorts of carpentry tasks a mitre saw is an essential tool whether it’s a project you’re working on at home or in a professional environment. Here at SGS Engineering we’ve got a broad selection of power tools for many different applications, including a range of quality mitre saws.

If you’re not quite sure what one is used for, or are struggling to decide which mitre saw is best for the task at hand, this guide should clear things up. Even if you don’t need one immediately, adding one to your toolbox means you’ll be thoroughly prepared when the time comes.

What are Mitre Saws?

Mitre saws (or miter) were originally a manual tool that consisted of a saw suspended on rollers that worked with a guiding mitre box to make accurate crosscuts. They have largely been replaced by power tool versions, as available here at SGS Engineering, which undertake the same work effortlessly.

The mitre saw pulls a spinning, circular blade down onto and through a piece of wood or workpiece that is held in place, usually at a 90° angle. The angle can be easily changed depending on the desired cut and mitre saws with different blade sizes for various purposes are available.


Why Should You Use a Mitre Saw?

application-cuts Mitre saws have various applications but the main use of them is for making crosscuts and mitres in a workpiece. They are essential for framing and the cutting of moulding, also to ensure the finest cut joints for window and door trim, baseboard and crowns. From carving out the initial joint to slicing off a small amount to create the perfect fit, mitre saws are up to both tasks.

For exterior work, such as putting together garden decking, mitre saws’ precise cutting action is ideal for elements that require intense accuracy. Mitre cuts are necessary for the corners of most decking and bevel cuts, which are possible with compound mitre saws, and can be used on the hand rails where applicable.

What Mitre Saw is Right for the Task?

If you’re asking ‘which mitre saw do I need?’ then it’s important you consider the task and where you’re likely to be undertaking it before purchasing one.


Types of Mitre Saw

Regular mitre saws deliver a straight cut through pieces of wood and timber. The depth depends on the size of the saw’s blade and those with an adjustable base, such as in the Ryobi line, mean the angle can be changed to suit your requirements.

Compound Mitre Saw

The compound mitre saw such as the Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless 190mm Mitre Saw does all the jobs of a regular one but also provides a bevel cut. The majority of DIYers will invest in compound mitre saws as they allow the arm of the saw to be adjusted to the left or right, usually with the bevel settings, for making more complex cuts. This makes them ideal for skirting joints, boxing in and MDF work.

Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

These are essentially compound mitre saws with the added bonus of sliding out on a rail to extend the cutting width for working on larger pieces of wood. The Ryobi 2000W 254mm Compact Sliding Mitre Saw is a great tool for cutting larger material such as worktops, boards, decking and sheet materials.

Corded and Cordless

If you’re going to be doing a lot of work with a mitre saw in your garage or workshop at home, then a corded saw will be more powerful for working on tougher material. However, for exterior work or on projects where a power source cannot be found, one of the fantastic cordless mitre saws are essential.


The Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless 190mm Mitre Saw is a great choice that requires the same lithium ion battery for all tools across the ONE+ range and can be used anywhere due to its compact size. Exactline laser technology ensures extremely accurate cutting too.

Compare the Range

Have a look at our comparison table of our range of mitre saws to help you choose the perfect tool for you.

Tool Blade Diameter Weight Blade Type Price

Ryobi 2000W 254mm Compact Sliding Mitre Saw

254mm 20kg 48 tooth TCT £220.75

Incl. VAT £264.90

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Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless 190mm Mitre Saw & 1.5AH Battery

190mm 8kg 24 tooth TCT £198.95

Incl. VAT £238.74

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Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless 190mm Mitre Saw

190mm 7kg 24 tooth TCT £133.25

Incl. VAT £159.90

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