How to Choose the Best Strimmer for the Job

Struggling to understand which strimmer you require for the task in hand? SGS Engineering have put together this guide to help you choose which strimmer to buy.

When it comes to essential gardening tools, you’d be hard pressed to find something more convenient then a strimmer. These trusty pieces of equipment can offer you a wealth of benefits which can leave your yards looking pristine in next to no time.

That being said though, you can’t just buy any old strimmer, you need the best strimmer for the job you have at hand. So if you’re yet to invest in one of these, or you’re simply wondering ‘which strimmer is best for me?’ then the latest SGS product post has the answers you’re looking for. We can guide you through our impressive selection which breaks down the best options for different requirements.

Why choose a Strimmer?

As aforementioned, there are many advantages to owning a strimmer. Firstly, their powerful trimming action can leave your garden looking neat and tidy as you effortlessly smarten out edges, shrubs and overgrown areas. On top of this, the smart designs in the SGS range means they’re comfortable to use and won’t leave you feeling exhausted like you would doing such work manually on your hands and knees.

The Differences

Before we look at our options though, strimmers come in different shapes, sizes and uses, these include:

  • Petrol or battery powered
  • A variety of engine capacities and power ratings
  • Lengths of shaft
  • Handle styles and grips
  • Different applications (for example, cutting, strimming, sawing)
  • Adjustable trimming angles

A Small Back Garden

Ryobi RLT6030 600W 30cm Grass Trimmer with EasyEdge

  • Large 300mm cutting width
  • Rotating head with easy-access pedal
  • Ryobi patented EasyEdge technology
  • GripZone comfort handles
  • Lightweight 3.5kg unit for easy trimming

If you happen to have a smaller lawn, this model is ideal. It provides a powerful delivery thanks to the 600w motor and weighing only 3.5 KG, it is also lightweight. Additionally it is fitted with a spring assisted change support for quick and simple switching between grass trimming and edging modes. With the covered spool head you'll be able to protect your prised plants and flowers from being obliterated by the high speed 300mm cutting path, as well as get that perfect edge around trees, walls and borders. 

A Big Front and Back Garden

26cc Petrol Grass Strimmer/Trimmer

  • High speed strimmer spool
  • Bosch spark plug fitted as standard
  • Very light weight at only 5.8kg
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Spare parts available for maintenance

This model packs a bit more punch than the one above thanks to its petrol powered 26cc engine and can easily get through larger garden lawn areas. Along with the powerful and durable engine, at only 5.8kg, the lightweight design makes the 26cc Petrol Strimmer easier to hold and use. Equally, it comes with an Bosch spark plug which provides you with dependable ignition every time you use it. 

Large Gardens with a Variety of Greenery

52cc 5in1 Cutting Multi Tool Garden Set: Chainsaw, Trimmer, Strimmer, Brush Cutter

  • Chainsaw, strimmer, brush cutter and hedge trimmer
  • Includes long reach pole
  • Dynamic 52cc engine
  • Includes safety googles, gloves & ear defenders

If your gardens are home to other plant life (aside from just grass) then you can’t go wrong with this model thanks to the versatile functionality it can provide. You get plenty of power from its impressive 52cc, but with four different cutting applications that can deal with grass, shrubs and tougher branches and brush, as well as the extending shaft for reaching higher areas, your garden will be sorted in no time.

Tougher Jobs and Heavy Duty Work

52cc Petrol Grass Trimmer/Brush Cutter

  • High speed strimmer spool
  • Fitted with Bosch spark plug
  • Very light weight at only 8.9kg
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Spare parts available for maintenance

For lines of work that require wide scale trimming work, such as in fields or on the roadways, you need a model like the above which is both powerful and incredibly durable. For lighter work such as quickly trimming your lawn’s edges, pruning hedges and getting rid of unsightly weeds, the spool attachment is ideal. You can also switch to the three pointed brush cutting head to take on tougher jobs. This winning combination of power with this cutting tool will effortlessly tackle thicker roots, shrubs, bushes and hedges, leaving you with a neat finish every time. 


Still Not Sure What Strimmer is Right for You?

If you need help selecting the right strimmer for your requirements then the SGS technical team are at hand for all of your questions and concerns. With over 20 years of experience in gardening equipment, we have the expertise to perfectly match up something from our range to any application. You can use the contact form here or give us a call on 01332 576 850 for industry leading sales and advice.