Tool Chest Buyers Guide: Which Tool Chest Do I Need?

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Whether you're working indoors, outdoors, doing DIY, or working on a car, discover the best tool box for your task with this simple guide.

A tool chest is more than just a place you can store your tools. It’s an important part of your arsenal no matter what level of proficiency. In other words, whether it’s DIY, or a professional car garage, a decent tool chest is an absolute must. With all this in mind, you shouldn’t however just buy any old box. You need the best tool chest and the best toolbox for whatever your circumstances.

Here at SGS Engineering we have an impressive range of chests, cabinets and boxes to cover all purposes. Here we'll detail which of our range is best-suited to different industries and uses.

Why do you need a tool chest?

Here’s a why a tool chest or toolbox is such an essential thing to have;

  • Your tools are in a convenient location, ready for when you need them
  • They’re also safely and securely stored away
  • An organised tool chest can make your tasks quicker and more efficient
  • Having tools in a box or chest keeps them protected and reduces the risk of damage

What to Consider Before Buying your Tool Chest?


Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity

This may seem like a fairly obvious consideration. However when you're purchasing your tool chest you need to think about not only how many tools your currently have to store inside it, but also how many tools you think you're likely to buy in the near future, as they will also eventually need a home within your tool chest.





How many drawers you have in your tool chest is important, you need to ensure that there are not only enough to house all your tools, but that they are big enough to fit the length of your tools.






The durability of a tool chest, is quite frankly the most significant feature. A tool chest is an investment, one that should not be taken lightly. You need to be careful about the material that has been used for the manufacturing of the tool chest. All SGS tool chests are made of the highest quality materials, and come with a 2 year warranty.





There are two different types of drawer slides, that are commonly used on tool chests. One is non-bearing, giving it very little significant advantage, it can actually make it rather difficult to pull a drawer. The second type is ball-bearings drawer slide system. This is the smartest and easiest style to use, even if the drawer is heavy, the drawer functions without problem.





One of the main reasons for using a tool chest is to ensure the safety of your tools. For this reason, the tools chest needs to have a well-designed lock system. Some chests have an internal locking system that cover up the drawers after you close the top lid, others have a key-operated lock for extra security.



Although it may be an essential part of your kit, you now need to determine why you need a tool chest? Will it be used to store, a few domestic items that you often use around the home. Are you a tool enthusiast or semi-professional that needs compact units to fit in the home, whist providing optimum storage? Or are you kitting out a large garage? Do you travel with your tools from various jobs/locations? Knowing which category you fall under will help you to decide what category to look at.

Tool Boxes - Tool boxes a (also called toolkit or workbox) is the box you will use to organise, carry, and protect your tools. They can be used for trade, a hobby or DIY, and their contents vary with the craft of the owner. Arguably the biggest difference between the box, chest and cart is that your tool box will be designed for transport. Making them ideal for someone on the go.

Tool Chests - A tool chest, as the name suggests, resembles a chest of draws. The tool chests are much larger in comparison, and their biggest design feature is to store as many tools as needed. You'll typically find tool chests in home or professional garages. They are typically stationary, although some may have wheels to enable easy transportation. Their size and weight are not the best design if you regularly need to take your tools from job to job.

Tool Carts - Tool carts are great for moving around the work place. As you can imagine, especially when working on cars, it's very rare for you to be in once place for a huge amount of time. Manoeuvring around the car becomes a problem when your tool box is heave or your chest is on the other side of the room. A tool cart is a great place to keep all your essential frequently used tools to drag behind you as you get to work. Lightweight frames means they can easily be pulled from pillar to post even when filled with tools.

Tool Boxes

Mobile Rolling Suitcase Tool Box


Mobile Rolling Suitcase Tool Box
rolling tool box


This excellent storage system from SGS features four drawers and a large top compartment with a lid insert to safely carry drill bits and small tools and components. Combined the best features of some of our larger tool cases with the portability and convenience of a more compact classic style tool case, this is the ideal tool chest for on the move. The extendable carry handle and wheels make this tool box truly portable.


Mobile Heavy Duty 3 Part Tool Box


mobile heavy duty 3 part tool box
3 part tool box


This excellent storage system features three drawers, a top compartment and a large bottom compartment for extra storage. The top chest and middle box separate out into three parts, allowing you to take just the tools you need with you. Constructed from injection moulded plastic with metal frame for additional strength. The telescoping carry handle and large polypropylene wheels make this tool box truly portable.


Tool Chests

72" Stainless Steel 15 Drawer Work Bench Tool Box Chest Cabinet


15 Drawer Work Bench Tool Box Chest Cabinet


This deluxe professional stainless steel tool chest is a sizeable 72 inches, suitable for home, workshop, automotive and trade use. It can be manoeuvred easily around your work space thanks to the four large lockable polypropylene castor wheels. The hand crafted wooden top and brushed stainless steel finish means not only is it suitable for tough workshop use but also at home. Brushed 20 gauge steel with reinforced base ensure a long service life. Controlled movement with a full length handle that fits either side of the cabinet.



Mechanics 8 Drawer Tool Box Chest & Roller Cabinet


Mechanics 8 Drawer Tool Box Chest & Roller Cabinet
 8 Drawer Tool Box Chest & Roller Cabinet


Designed with mechanics in mind, every feature of this large capacity 8 drawer tool chest is well thought out and precision engineered for quality. From the ultra-smooth ball-bearing sliders, to the sturdy powder coated steel frame, this rugged tool chest will give you years of reliable service in your workshop or garage. The super smooth draws glide open effortlessly, reassuringly clicking into the fully open position - everything seems to fit together perfectly. The top chest / toolbox section can be lifted from the roller cabinet giving you flexibility and portability. The security-lock and bar locks in this section keep your belongings secure. The model includes an up and over door in the cabinet section, giving you the perfect place to store larger tools or boxes.


Tool Carts

Mechanics Tool Cart Trolley & Workstation


 Mechanics Tool Cart Trolley & Workstation
Cart Trolley & Workstation


The STCC500 tool trolley is the perfect companion for moving and storing your tools & parts around the garage or workshop, as well as acting as a mobile workstation. For the serious tool enthusiast, it has a large amount of storage space, featuring a lockable sliding top tray, two drawers which lock when the top tray is closed and bottom shelf with a 50kg load capacity. This tool trolley can also be perfect for beauticians, hairdressers, plumbers, electricians, handy men, arts & crafts and so much more! The roll cab has heavy dusty castors and the unit is made from powered coated steel frame with a glossy paint finish.



Professional Cart & Parts Trolley


Professional Cart & Parts Trolley
Parts Trolley


This extra heavy duty tool trolley is perfect for moving and storing your tools & parts in the garage or workshop. It has a large amount of storage space, featuring a top tray with gas struts to keep it open, five drawers and a bottom shelf boasting a 80kg load capacity. Each drawer has an individual clasp that keeps it securely locked until pressed. Your tools are also protected by the included drawer liners, preventing them for getting scratched and damaged whilst in storage.



Need some new tools to fill out your shiny new tool chest? At SGS we have a large range of power tools, ideal for even the most advanced DIY tool box.


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