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Hyundai HY30100P 100 Litre Professional Air Compressor - 12.5CFM, 3.0HP, 100L

Product Code: HY30100P

£694.18 £578.48
The Pro Hyundai range of air compressors is hugely popular with those looking for a solid, sturdy, reliable machine that’s also incredibly cost effective. The HY30100 is the HY3050’s big brother, offering the same high quality, the same great features that make these models top sellers, and the same ease of use. The difference? It offers a tank that’s twice as big at 100 litres. The large 100 litre tank allows for longer continuous use, with less frequency between refills - perfect for heavy duty workshop use.

What we tend to see a great deal of within the air compressor industry is powerful machines that are big, clunky, and stationary, or lower-powered, domestic compressors that are portable and can be moved around with ease. This is largely the same for petrol generators, too - they’re either big and powerful, or small and less powerful. This is why the HY30100 is considered to be such as revolutionary product - it shows compromise. Boasting a 3hp, 230V motor that offers a maximum output of 2.23KW, this is certainly one mighty machine, but it’s also remarkably compact. Measuring 820mm x 410mm x 1005mm, and with a weight of 95kg, it’s not too challenging to move this thing around - and it’s even easier with the integrated carry handles and built-in wheels.

A major concern with high powered air compressors such as this is that they tend to burn out pretty quickly. The HY30100, however, contains a belt drive that maintains a constant 2800 RPM, helping to regulate output and reducing spikes and surges. Working at a constant speed, the lifespan of the machine is greatly elongated, just like fuel efficiency is increased through the use of cruise control in automatic transmission vehicles, for example.
There are many aspects of the HY30100 that buyers love, but what our customers really can’t get enough of is the incredible amount of control the user has over the air compressor. With an integrated pressure regulator and an adjustable pressure outlet, this model offers greater control than ever before, leaving you in charge.

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Buy Hyundai HY30100P 100 Litre Professional Air Compressor - 12.5CFM, 3.0HP, 100L by Hyundai for only £694.18
Part Number HY30100P
Display Weight (Kg) 95
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Hyundai
Tank Size 100 Litres
Air Displacement (CFM) 12.5 CFM
Sound Level 79 dB
Engine HP 3.0 HP
Engine RPM 2800 RPM
Power Source Electric
Voltage 230V
Air Outlet Euro Quick Release
Discharge Pressure 128 PSI / 8.8 bar
CFM Range 1 to 5 CFM
Start System Direct Online

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