Kielder KWT-145-123 Flap Disc 120 Grit

Product Code: KWT-145-123

£8.39 £6.99

The Kielder Flap Disc is ideal to use on metal for rust and paint removal but is also a great choice to use on wood and plastic too, they are also great for cleaning, grinding and finishing with them being designed for fast stock removal. The disc themselves are of professional grade giving them more durability and strength when dealing with tough materials compared to other flap discs.

Features and Benefits:

• Formulated for fast stock removal; ideal for de-burring, rust & paint removal, cleaning, grinding and finishing.

• Ideal for use on metal and can be used on wood and plastic too.

• Professional-grade disc; offers durability and strength on tough materials.

• Genuine Kielder accessory.

Technical Specifications

- Disc Diameter: 115 mm / 4-1/2 "

- Grit: 120

- Disc Bore Size: 22.2 mm

- Max. Speed: 13,300 rpm

Part Number KWT-145-123
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Kielder
Gender Unisex

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