Milwaukee M12NRG-201 12V Charger and 2.0Ah Battery Bundle

Product Code: M12NRG-201

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What's included:

1 x C12C - Battery Charger
1 x M12B2 - 2Ah Battery

M12B2 - 2Ah Battery

The Milwaukee 12V 2Ah Battery features REDLINK™ intelligence that provides an overload protection to prevent damage to the users cordless power tools. The battery also features a temperature management system which keeps the battery at the ideal temperature alongside individual cell monitoring which helps to provide maximum battery life whilst also preventing cell damage. The remaining charge of the battery can be seen on the fuel gauge.

Features and Benefits:

• Sophisticated electronics: REDLINK™ Intelligence
• Overload protection - Prevents user from damaging their cordless power tool investment in abusive situations
• Temperature management system - Keeps battery in ideal temperature range to provide maximum life
• Individual cell monitoring - Ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life
• Discharge protection - Prevents cell damage from over-discharge
• Integrated welded frame battery construction with shock responsive separators preventing pack failure from excessive vibrations or drops
• Can be used in extreme temperatures down to -20 °C without compromising on runtime and battery life
• Discharge protection prevents cell damage from over-discharge

Technical Specifications:

- Voltage: 12 V
- Battery Capacity: 2 Ah
- Charge Time With M12-18AC: 55 min
- Charge Time With M12-18FC / M12-18SC: 26 min
- Charge Time With C12C / M12C4 / M12-18C: 40 min

C12C - Charger

The Milwaukee 12V Charger features an encapsulated circuit board to protect the electronics from dust, moisture and impact damage. It also has temperature protection electronics which optimises the charger rate in extreme temperatures to help extend the battery life. You can check the feedback on the current charge level of the battery pack with the progressive charge indication which lights up incrementally.

Features and Benefits:

• Temperature protection electronics optimises the charger rate in extreme temperatures to extend battery life
• Encapsulated circuit board protects the electronics from dust, moisture and impact
• Progressive charge indication: battery LED's light up incrementally to give feedback on current charge level of battery pack

Technical Specifications:

- Voltage: 12 V
- Power Source: AC
- Charge Time For 1.5Ah: 30 min
- Charge Time For 2.0Ah: 40 min
- Charge Time For 3.0Ah: 60 min
- Charge Time For 4.0Ah: 80 min

Part Number M12NRG-201
Display Weight (Kg) 3
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number 4933451901
Brand Milwaukee
Voltage 12V
Battery Capacity 2 Ah
Battery Type Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

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