Milwaukee Cut Level 3 Dipped Gloves - Medium

Product Code: 4932471420

£7.39 £6.16

The Milwaukee Cut Level 3 offer more resistance to cuts and abrasion than a Cut Level 1, making them the ideal protection when stripping wire or pipe threading and cutting. The nitrile material offers excellent grip performance and performs better than other materials in a wide range of temperatures and oily surfaces. In addition to the superior pucture resistance, the gloves come with the SMARTSWIPE™ feature for palm and fingertips, allowing the user to use touch screen devices without removing the gloves.

European Certified for cut protection: EN420 and EN388:2016 (4343C).

Part Number 4932471420
Display Weight (Kg) 0.1
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee
Gender Unisex
Age Group 16+ y/o

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