Milwaukee M18HNRG-122 2x 12.0Ah High Output Battery & Fast Charger Pack

Product Code: M18HNRG-122

£346.80 £289.00

What's Included:

1 x Fast Charger

2 x 12Ah Battery

M18HB12 - 12Ah Battery:

The Milwaukee 18V 12Ah High Output Battery features the REDLITHIUM™ protection along with the REDLINK™ intelligence that provides a digital overload protection to prevent damage to the users cordless power tools. It also features individual cell monitoring to ensure the user gets optimal charge and discharge for maximum life. The durable metal frame construction with shock responsive separators prevents pack failure from excessive vibrations and drops. The remaining charge of the battery can be seen on the fuel gauge.

Features and Benefits:

• Patented REDLINK™ intelligence protects the pack from tough jobsite conditions to ensure optimum performance

• Drives complete corded replacement on the job site with more run time than ever before

• Durable metal frame battery construction with shock responsive separators prevents pack failure from excessive vibrations or drops

• On-board battery fuel gauge helps the user to maximise battery run-time efficiency

• Individual cell monitoring ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life

• Compatible with all M18™ tools in the range

Technical Specifications:

- Voltage: 18 V

- Battery Capacity: 12 Ah

- Charge Time With M18DFC: 130 min

- Charge Time With M12-18C: 250 min

- Charge Time With M12-18SC: 60 min

- Charge Time With M1418C6: 270 min

- Charge Time With M12-18FC: 130 min

- Charge Time With M12-18AC: 285 min

M12-18FC - Fast Charger:

The Milwaukee 12-18V Fast Charger is ideal for charging your Milwaukee batteries from the M12 and M18 range. It can charge both a M12 and M18 battery at the same time. The REDLINK™ technology feature monitors the cell voltage and temperature of your battery for optimal performance which not only protects but also extends the life of your M12 and M18 battery packs.

Features and Benefits:

• Recharges in sequence - first in, first to charge - resulting in less time needed to manage charging cycles

• Recharges all M18™ and M12™ REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery packs

• REDLINK™ charges to optimise the performance, protect and extend the life of the battery

• REDLINK™ intelligence communicates directly with the battery

• REDLINK™ monitors cell voltage and temperature

• Charges all Milwaukee® batteries up to 40% faster

• Sequential charging

Technical Specifications:

- Voltage: 12 / 18 V

- Charge Time For 12V 2.0Ah: 28 min

- Charge Time For 12V 4.0Ah: 57 min

- Charge Time For 18V 2.0Ah: 26 min

- Charge Time For 18V 4.0Ah: 47 min

- Charge Time For 18V 5.0Ah: 59 min

Part Number M18HNRG-122
Display Weight (Kg) 2.1
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number 4933464262
Brand Milwaukee
Voltage 18V
Battery Capacity 12 Ah
Battery Type Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

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