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Ryobi ONE+ OHT1855R-225 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer with 2 x 2.5Ah Batteries & Charger

Product Code: OHT1855R-225

£201.77 £168.14 £212.39 Save £10.62
Best in class economics and superior cutting power from a cordless, battery powered hedge trimmer from Ryobi. No cables, no liquid fuel – perfect for keeping on top of your garden maintenance.

The long 55mm blade has an impressive 22cm cutting capacity and is great at delivering effective, accurate cuts that tackle even the toughest shrubs and hedgerows.

Innovation in the Garden
Ergonomic Handle - With the clever 5 position, rotating handle and dual trigger controls, you’ll be comfortable and safe as you tame even the most awkward garden hedge.
Bladesaw - Got a particularly stubborn branch that needs removing? Simply hold the blade tip on the branch it will fall away with Ryobi Bladesaw.
Hedgesweep The Hedgesweep tech attachment makes this the perfect tool for trimming awkward shapes or at none conventional angles.

Two Batteries for the Whole Garden
With the included 2.5Ah lithium-ion batteries hedge trimming is just the start. Part of the interchangeable Ryobi ONE+ battery tools range means that you can power everything from your leaf blower to a grass strimmer with the same units. SGS offer exclusive bundle offers for added value when getting started with your ONE+ collection.

One set of batteries means you can swap them around all of your tools and buy “body-only” tools to save money in the future. No need to fill the shed up with multiple batteries and chargers – ONE+ does them all.

With a lithium battery you get virtually no self-discharge and no memory effect. Built with IntelliCell technology, Ryobi batteries automatically cell balance so you get a powerful output, regardless of where you are in the charge cycle.
This bundle includes two 18V 2.5Ah Batteries and 1.5Ah Charger. The compact design allows you to store away neatly. The LEF Indicator shows the battery charge status and how long there is remaining until fully charged.
Part Number OHT1855R-225
Display Weight (Kg) 6
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Ryobi

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