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Power Team PB104 PB Series Cordless Hydraulic Pump 4-way

Product Code: PB104

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Introducing NEW Compact high pressure Hydraulic Pump by Power Team, powered by Li-Ion battery pack. This PB Series Cordless Pump meets the mark with increased portability, longer run-time, more valve selections and remote “plug and play” control options. The PB Series pumps meet a wide array of high-pressure tool applications where portability and freedom of cordless power is needed.

Whether it is a spreading, nut splitting, lifting, bending, cutting or crimping application, the Power Team PB Series Hydraulic Pumps delivers the power needed to improve productivity while keeping safety in mind.

Value Delivered:
10,000 PSI (690 Bar), 0.45 gallons (1,1 liters) oil capacity provides ample power to effectively cover a wide array of applications and uses for most trades.
Cordless, high powered 18VDC Lithium-ion 9.0Ah battery pack offers exceptional run-time.
Lightweight, only 24 pounds (10,9 Kg), making those tight constraint, remote applications stress-free.
4-Way/ Auto. Dump; Advance / Hold / Return- type 9563

1st stage: 200 (3277) @ 200 PSI (14bar)
2nd stage: 6 (98) @ 10000 PSI (690 bar)

Compact, Li-ion 18VDC, 9.0 Ah battery-powered pump provides extended run-time , CE compliant.
Two stage, compact high-pressure hydraulic pump offers quick tool advancement in the first stage
Extremely compact, lightweight with an ergonomic handle grip and transport strap to ease portability
Self-contained, rubber bladder reservoir allows pump usage in most positions with an impressive capacity of 70 cu. in. (1,1 liter) usable
Quiet – smooth running, serviceable brushed 18VDC motor
High impact, fiberglass reinforced shroud protects your investment in the most demanding and harsh applications
Large valve section to accommodate a vast array of applications
Auto-reset fuse
Double acting

Kits includes:
Turnkey, 10,000 PSI (690 bar) hydraulic power pump, ships with hydraulic oil.
Transport shoulder strap with clips
1x 18VDC Li-Ion 9.0 Ah Battery
1x 115V M18 18VDC Charger

Optionally, you can choose with your order remote pedant. These remotes are equipped with connectors to enable the operator to “plug and play” the connection quickly. The wiring is configured to allow the operator to use the power switch on the pump or operate remotely once connected.
Part Number PB104
Display Weight (Kg) 11.5
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Brand SPX
Valve Number 9561
Max Pressure Output (Bar) 690
For use with Single-Acting Cylinder

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