Power Team PG1200M-4 Petrol Hydraulic Pump - 2.1L/Min Single/Double-Acting

Product Code: PG1200M-4

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The PG1200M-4 is a petrol powered hydraulic pump with a large reservoir capacity and a roll cage equipped. This pump is ideal for single/double-acting cylinders with a capacity of up to 300 ton.

Rubber anti-skid insulation on bottom of reservoir resists skidding and dampens vibration. PG1200M-4 and PG1200M-4D include a pump cart with 305mm wheels. Adjustable external pressure regulator.

For single-acting cylinders. Has 9520 3-way/3-position (tandem center) valve. 9596 load lowering valve and 9644 4-port manifold with individual needle valves at each port. Has a 9796 coupler and 9797 dust cap at each port. Valving permits precise individual control of up to four cylinders. A 9052 heavy duty, fluid filled pressure gauge (0-10,000 psi) is included.

Part Number PG1200M-4
Display Weight (Kg) 118 Kg
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Brand SPX
Oil Capacity 20.8 litres (usable)
Valve Number 9520 - 3-Way. Manifold - 9644
Reservoir 4.1 kW, 4 cycle
Max Pressure Output (Bar) 700 bar
Engine RPM 3600 RPM

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