SGS 2.2 kW / 2.8 kVA Portable Petrol Generator With 10W30 Oil & Flylead

Product Code: PGH2200OF

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The SGS Engineering 2.8kVA portable petrol generator with oil and flylead is a powerful and reliable generator. This generator will provide a portable source of electrical backup or standby power for many light trade, DIY and home applications.

Like all of our generators this model is great value for money as it comes with 100% copper motor coils which give you improved power output compared to cheap aluminium coils you find on most generators. As well as this its socket converter allows compatibility with standard UK plugs, it is fitted with safety features like circuit breakers and is built into a sturdy steel frame which ensures protection, lifting and securing points.

Tips on ordering the correct generator:
It is recommended to leave 20-25% headroom when ordering a generator. So a 1000W heater should be run on a 1200W generator, to help extend the life of the generator.

Resistive and inductive loads:
A generator can be used for two types of loads – resistive and inductive. A resistive load has no moving parts and no start-up power requirement – for example kettles, light bulbs and heaters. An inductive load applies to most items with a moving part – for example motors, air compressors, power washers, drills and hoovers. Items with an inductive load require three times their rated wattage at start-up. So a 1000W hoover/vacuum would need up to 3000W at start-up.

NOTE: The generator will require filling with 0.6 litres of 10W30 grade oil before first use.

This product comes with 2 year extended warranty.

Buy SGS 2.2 kW / 2.8 kVA Portable Petrol Generator With 10W30 Oil & Flylead by SGS for only £335.57
Part Number PGH2200OF
Display Weight (Kg) 51.4
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Power Phase Single Phase
Max Power Output (W) 2,200 W
Tank Size 15 Litres
Sound Level 65 dB
Rated Output (Watts) 2,000 W
Engine Type 4-Stroke Engine
Engine RPM 3000 RPM
Engine HP 5.5 HP
Run Time 8 Hours @ 50% Load
Output Sockets 115V 16A, 230V 16A
Dimensions L600 x W455 x H465

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