Milwaukee Reciprocating Saws and Hackzalls for Sale

Milwaukee offer two reciprocating saws which include M18ONESX-0 and M18CSX-0. The Milwaukee M18ONESX-0 fuel sawzall delivers 135 Nm of peak torque and up to 2,000 RPM. The sawzall is ideal to use in tight work spaces and is only 7.60” in length which helps the user use the sawzall for longer periods of time.

The Milwaukee M18CSX-0 reciprocating saws motor gives the user around x5 longer motor life and up to 30% faster cutting. The saw is equipped with a gear protecting clutch that extends the motors life and gear due to it absorbing high impact forces that can be caused when the blade suddenly locks-up. The saw also enables the user to change their blade easily, safely and quickly with the FIXTEC blade clamp.

Also available are Milwaukee hackzalls which gives the user 22mm and 13mm stroke length for controlled cutting with a no load stroke rate of 3000 spm. The blades can easily be changed due to the Milwaukee® patented FIXTEC clamp which enables you to change your blade without the need for using a tool. The hackzalls are available in 12v and 18v.
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