Milwaukee Torches for Sale

Available at SGS Engineering are Milwaukee torches which are available as 18V or 12V. The Milwaukee model M18TLED-0 LED torch is powered with an REDLITHIUM™ battery which can run 4x longer on one charge and is an ideal alternative to incandescent bulbs with the light lasting 600x longer. You can direct the light beam of the torch with ease with the 135° rotating head which is sealed aluminium to prevent weather and impact damage.Also available is the Milwaukee M12TLED-0 LED Torch is an ideal alternative to incandescent lights as the torch is 2x brighter and whiter. The torch is ideal for accurately lighting up the area you need with the 90 degree rotating head. Both torches are available as single items (without battery/charger) or as a bundle that includes a battery and charger.
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