Milwaukee Vacuums for Sale

For a vacuum that is ideal for spot cleaning or large vacuuming then the Milwaukee M12HV-0 Sub Compact Stick Vacuum is ideal to use. The vacuum delivers suction that is ideal for a wide range of construction materials from wood chips to metal shavings. The vacuum comes complete with a crevice tool, extension wand and utility nozzle.

If you need a vacuum to collect dust such as fine dust then the Milwaukee M18VC 18v Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum is ideal with its HEPA 99.7% high efficiency wet/dry filter. The vacuum has a built-in blower which provides 21/sec of air flow for maximum efficiency with 7.5 l capacity which helps to reduce the time it takes emptying the unit. The powerful 18v motor enables users to reach maximum air flow of 1246 l/min / 80 bar suction power.

Both vacuums are available as a single unit (without battery or charger) or as a bundle which includes the battery/batteries and charger.

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