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Ryobi ONE+ RB18L13 18V 1.3Ah Lithium Battery

Product Code: RB18L13

£31.93 £26.61
Suitable for all 18V Ryobi ONE+ tools and backwards compatible with NICAD ONE+ Ryobi tools

Made by the global leader in cordless power tool technology, the Ryobi ONE+ 1.3Ah lithium battery offers more than twice the power of a NiCad equivalent. These cost effect batteries are ideal for an avid DIY user's day-to-day tasks and household maintenance. Ryobi batteries are engineered to be as compact and lightweight as possible as to not compromise the weight and usability of your tools.

Robust and Ready for Anything
The body of the battery has been designed as to be robust enough for the everyday wear-and-tear you'd expect from a power tool. Secure double welds, heavy duty clips and a solid frame give the battery drop protection; this makes ONE+ batteries the best for overall durability in its class. 

Built in electronic protection ensures the battery won't over load or overheat, even with the longer use you'll get from a lithium cell. Another benefit of lithium is fade-free power. Never again get diminishing returns toward the end of a cycle - expect consistent power from the beginning to the end of a charge!

Powering the ONE+ Range

This battery is fully compatible with all 35+ home and garden power tools in the industry leading Ryobi ONE Plus range. Forwards and backwards compatibility means you can use this battery with older Ryobi tools and any ONE+ tool that has or will be released.

Battery powered tools give you the freedom to carry out a project wherever you are without the restrictions of standard corded tools. Never be stuck to an electrical outlet or mess around with extension leads again. Powering everything from your drill, to a reciprocating saw, to a lawn mower – the ONE+ range of batteries gives you an unparallel choice of applications. Let your collection grow with you ambition. 

Note: This battery does not come with a charger. Use any existing ONE+ charger or buy a separate charger from SGS today.
Buy Ryobi ONE+ RB18L13 18V 1.3Ah Lithium Battery by Ryobi for only £31.93
Part Number RB18L13
Display Weight (Kg) 2.1
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Ryobi
Voltage 18V
Gender Unisex

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