SIP 09128 Fireball Turbofan 2000 Electrical Fan Heater

Product Code: 09128

£33.26 £27.72

The SIP FIREBALL Turbofan 2000 Electric Fan Heater offers high portability due to its compact and lightweight nature, providing constant air ideal for domestic applications at home or in the office, or smaller including garages, workshops, and shops. During the warmer parts of the year, the Turbofan 2000 doubles as a conventional fan, providing a constant stream of cool air and ventilating stale air, odours, and fumes.

Features and Benefits:

• Thermostatically-controlled automatic shut-off for high energy and cost savings

• PTC Element (Positive Temperature Coefficient) for safer temperature control

• Ideal for conventional fan tasks, including ventilation of odours and fumes

• Suitable for homes, smaller workshops, garages, shops, and offices

• Legs for stability with tilt control for simple positioning

• Heavy-duty powder-coated finish for added durability

• 3 powerful heating output levels inc. fan setting

• 6,820BTU/hr (2kW) powerful heating output

• Integrated carry handle for easy portability

• Lightweight and compact design

• Fully ErP-compliant

Technical Specifications:

- Max. Heat Output: 6,820 BTU/hr

Part Number 09128
Display Weight (Kg) 0.90 Kg
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SIP

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