52cc 5in1 Cutting Multi Tool Garden Set: Chainsaw Trimmer Strimmer Brush Cutter

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52cc 5in1 Cutting Multi Tool Garden Set: Chainsaw Trimmer Strimmer Brush Cutter

Product Specifications

Part Number SCT501
Product Weight 7kg
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Certified To CE & GS/TUV Rated
Tank Size 1.2 Litres
Engine Type 2-Stroke Engine
Engine Displacement 52cc

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Key Features

  • Chainsaw, strimmer, brush cutter and hedge trimmer
  • Includes long reach pole
  • Bosch spark plug fitted as standard
  • Includes safety googles, gloved & ear defenders
  • Comes with a 2 year domestic warranty
For a versatile multi-tool which can make light work of a number of tough gardening jobs, look no further than our fantastic 5 in 1 petrol cutting tool. Not only does this offer you a choice in applications, its dynamic and durable 52cc engine provides you with the power you need to always get the job done.

Four Applications
You can enjoy four cutting tools including a chainsaw, strimmer, brush cutter and hedge trimmer. To complete the set we also include a long reach pole, ensuring you can get to those high and difficult to reach branches and hedge tops without the need for a step ladder. With this tool you can take on your whole garden, from sorting out your grassy edges with the strimmer, to trimming bushes and roots with the brush cutter, to pruning your hedges and bushes with the hedge trimmer and finally tackling the tougher, thicker branches with the chainsaw.

Long reach hedge trimmer
Hardened steel two-edge blade
Blade length: 450mm
10 different adjustment angles
Cutter drive: spur gear
Lubricant Lithium based grease
Assembly length: 1700mm
Includes blade covers

Long reach pruning saw:
Perfect for pruning trees
Guide bar: 12", 3/8" pitch. 043" gauge
Sprockets: 3/8" inch, fixed spur
Chain speed: 23.5m/sec @ 10,000 min-1
Lubrication: automatic adjustable oiler
Easy adjust chain with adjustment screw and lock nut
Includes cover

Get the perfect edge on your lawn
Cutting diameter: 40cm
Line material: nylon, 2.4mm diameter 2.4m long
Handle: 'D' loop handle

Brush cutter:
Useful for tougher weeds and brambles
Simply replaces the strimmer line
Metal T3 pronged blade

Extension pole:
Add another 745mm in length
Makes pruning trees and maintaining hedges much easier

Accessories included:
Adjustable carrying strap with shoulder pad
Mixing tank 600ml
Multifunction spark plug wrench
Allen keys
Reversible head screwdriver

Fuel mix: 40 parts petrol to 1 part oil (40:1)

Some assembly required. The product includes a comprehensive manual and we have many online guides to assist setup and use of this tool.


  • Delivery
    Review by Lisa
    (Posted on 25/06/2018)
    Good kit really happy used it loads would get another one easy to use .
  • Price
    Review by Trev
    (Posted on 22/04/2018)
    Good - but one big weakness
    Arrived quickly, good user manual - build quality a pleasant surprise for the price. She's a bit heavy - to be expected for the engine but does have power - and now to the but..... The on/off slide switch is awful - really easy to knock it and kill the engine, which can't be restarted with taking it off.... All other ones I have used have a rocker switch - these are so much better. Deal breaker - maybe - now looking for a way to modify mine.
  • Delivery
    Review by Adrian
    (Posted on 06/10/2017)
    Nice Design
    I needed somethine to replace an old but faithfull Mcculloch, this is VERY powerful and exedeed my expectaions. as a gardener that means a lot, thanks!
  • Price
    Review by Mick
    (Posted on 16/09/2017)
    Bad start good overall
    Initial response was this has to go back.Suffered terrible kickback from pull cord .
    Not experienced from other petrol engine kit.Team at SGS(DAVE & Thomas) very helpful and now very pleased with multi tool. One drawback , when using pruner you get covered in wood chippings should supply a deflector unless it is missing in my selection .
  • Price
    Review by Julie
    (Posted on 11/09/2017)
    Works well but poor qualtiy strimmer
    I purchased one of these in May. In general it works well. The starter cord was stiff . I used the strimmer attachment twice and the casing broke. The company would not replace under guarantee saying it was wear and tear. The strimmer cord was also not good quality . For it to break after two uses is poor. Luckily it is not the main part I use. To buy a replacement was expensive.
  • Price
    Review by Chris Abbott
    (Posted on 04/09/2017)
    Excelelnt all round. 5 star service, 5 star product
    Fantastic piece of equipment. Very well designed and built and you can tell from the moment you unpack it and put it together that you have a quality product.
  • Quality
    Review by Matt Wood
    (Posted on 16/08/2017)
    Top Stuff
    Bought this for refurbing my bungalow's nightmare garden and its done the job brilliantly. I like the fact that you can get a decent machine with a 52cc motor for the price of a much less powerful unit too.
  • Quality
    Review by Derek J Cumbria
    (Posted on 30/06/2017)
    Superb value tool on a par with a well known maker of a similar item by a well known company who also make chainsaws etc for twice plus the price.
    Thanks to the team at sgs who resolved an issue which was not product related I have recommended you to a friend who works for a company that keeps the power that keeps us lit up,plugged in and allows us to access most electrical items in our homes.
    Great range of products which cover a wide range of needs
  • Quality
    Review by Brian Merryfield
    (Posted on 26/06/2017)
    the golden bullet for my garden
    My review:

    Where do I start? A great multiple tool for tackling my garden.
    Me and the wife have been fortunate enough to retire with a large garden, and this excellent 5 IN 1 tool makes it all easy.
    Sheila has even been using this tool, whilst I've been watching with a nice pint of real ale in my hand, which makes a change!
    The extension bar is brilliant for us older folk too.
    Nice one SGS Engineering.
  • Quality
    Review by Amit G. - Kent
    (Posted on 26/06/2017)
    The best quality grass trimmer / brush cutter!
    I am bit of a researcher and like to do an exhaustive search in the market both online and in stores before I buy anything.
    I had to buy a petrol grass trimmer / brush cutter and came across this one from SGS. By this time I knew exact specifications of a lot of brands, but this one surprised me with its price and it had quite a lot of good reviews. But my concern is always for the bad ones and I called up the Sales team to clarify few things before I went ahead with the purchase (very friendly staff). I placed my order and it arrived next day morning!!!! - 5*
    Very good and solid packaging - 5*
    Look and feel of the parts is of very good quality - 5*
    Very basic assembly and it was ready to use - 5*. I think a lot of people are a bit lazy to properly read the manual and then complain, anyways...
    Added fuel (followed the instructions in the manual) and it started in 4th stroke. Thereafter in 2nd stroke. - 5*
    I had almost 2ft of weed and grass in my back garden, all flat to the ground in minutes. This machine looks small but is very powerful and was not very noisy. - 5*
    Something about me - Got a 100ft back garden and 80ft front garden. This is my first grass trimmer/brush cutter and my first garden tool on petrol. Said that I went to my friends who have other brands to test them and this one would really laugh at those!
    I hope this helps.
  • Quality
    Review by S Wyles - E.Sussex
    (Posted on 08/06/2017)
    This is the Bee's knees of a machine
    I drive my wife nuts as I never rush into anything, it took me 4 weeks looking at strimmers in shops and reading online, but every time I kept coming back to this one. So I ordered it online, it took two days to arrive I was like a child in a toy shop...Now I was very pleased with the build quality, All i needed was something to try it out on. My Friends had an area the size of half a football pitch with weeds and grass over two feet tall. Took me two hrs to clear the area, Anything thicker I left and returned with the metal blade, hot knife though butter comes to mind. This is a real boys toy, I am very pleased with this even my Mate is going to order one once I have sent him the web address.
  • Quality
    Review by martin
    (Posted on 23/05/2017)
    great customer service despite a faulty unit
    well this is my experience so far of this product

    I moved into a house with a severely overgrown garden and was looking for something to cut down the waist high grass. I had thought of hiring one but then found these at a bargain price and with it being my first home with a garden I figured it was a worthwhile investment. I ordered early Thursday morning and received the unit Friday.

    I set it all up on the Friday evening attaching the handles and checking it was ready for a long day of cutting Saturday. Saturday came I mixed up the fuel and oil at the 40:1 ratio and put it in the strimmer. I then tried starting it but couldn't get it to start I read all the troubleshooting information and still couldn't get it to start. eventually after an hour or so I finally got it to start then adjusted the carb as per the instructions online. I cut the grass for a few minutes then noted a severe burning smell and noticed smoke coming from the machine. opened up the unit and found the piston heavily scored and seized inside the cylinder.

    I told SGS about my issue they replied and offered to collect the machine free of charge to be inspected. I told them all the ins and outs of how I had it setup and they were most helpful. the result of the inspection originally came back as a few possible causes. SGS could have quite easily blamed me for the route cause of the fault however put trust in their customers and offered there and then to replace the unit free of charge. I've just received my new engine today and it's running fantastically with no issues and appears to be very well made. it's as powerful as the stihl strimmers I've used in the past for a fraction of the cost. definitely a good buy for home use. big thank you to the team and Alex at customer services who helped sort out a difficult issue and resolving it quickly and amicably.
  • Quality
    Review by R.Jones
    (Posted on 06/07/2016)
    Like a previous reviewer I research as much as I can. Having spent quite some time online, looking at various outlets, specifications, reviews etc, I decided on the SGS one, not a cheap one likely to fall apart after a week and not one designed for the professionals at vast cost.
    First impressions that it was boxed superbly, all wrapped and presented well in the box. It felt good, solid and the fittings all of good quality. I did spend some time setting it up correctly but found the enclosed instructions a bit confusing and some not applicable. If you need the best assistance to set up, use the online guides, much easier, up to date and understandable.
    On to the test. Fired up perfectly, had the hedge trimmer on and made very light work of my conifer hedge, seared through it. I haven't tried the chainsaw or trimmer as yet but looking at the quality of each item I expect them to perform as well.
    Definitely a good piece of kit, and at the time of writing a VERY good price. Sadly for me, since I bought mine they're on sale for a lot less than I paid, get one!
  • Quality
    Review by steve
    (Posted on 22/06/2016)
    fast delivery fantastic product
    I to like the review by mr s wyles I pondered for a while before I chose this all in one multi tool.
    there were many out there in the market place with good and bad reviews but I am so glad I chose SGS.
    I am a land scape gardener and have been using this now for 3 weeks and it has performed faultlessly.
    I cant praise it enough and if you are looking for a multi tool that gets the job done then look no further its reliable build quality is excellent cuts very well and the chainsaw pruner is superb.
    I will now in future be buying all my garden power tools from SGS.
    OH I must put my order in for that chainsaw?
    thanks again SGS for great delivery,service and quality tool.
  • Quality
    Review by Alex
    (Posted on 11/05/2016)
    Cannot fall off
    Came across SGS online was thinking about buying one for my gardening business was looking at the five in one with the attachments and at that sort of price I didn't think twice came the next day Was like Christmas had come early very powerful engine and very quiet surprisingly I was that impressed with this machine on the attachments I also purchased the product brush cutter again another solid machine very powerful engine with my job I always get overgrown gardens and this is really the boys toy it has never struggled always keeps up with you over Big names on the market so last week I decided to buy the 26cc hedge trimmer and have a fleet of SGS equipment I am now looking at buying one of the chainsaws from them you really can't fall off as you can imagine my equipment gets used every day day in day out and is not let me down thanks SGS
  • Quality
    Review by Sydney
    (Posted on 10/03/2016)
    Happy Daughter-in Law
    Her garden was in complete shade from neighbours' trees. After a bit of negotiation and a £400 quote from a tree surgeon, I said I'd do it. Luckily I found this on the internet. The engine started 2nd pull. I used rapeseed oil for the chainsaw. 3 half days later, she has the Sun back in her garden and my son has a pile of logs for his chimera. Fantastic tool, great fun and better exercise than any gym. Now need to sharpen the chainsaw!

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