2.8 kVA Heavy Duty Portable Petrol Generator

2 Year Warranty & UK Technical Spares & Service Backup

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Product Code: SPG2200
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2.8 kVA Heavy Duty Portable Petrol Generator

Key Features

  • 2.0 kW Rated Power / 2.2 kW Max Power
  • 5.5 HP engine
  • 15 L fuel tank - 8 hours run time at 50% load
  • Easy-start recoil mechanism
  • Large muffler for quiet 65 dB operation

Product Specifications

Part Number SPG2200
Product Weight 45kg
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Certified To CE Rated
Max AC Output 2.8kVA / 2.2kW
Rated AC Output 2.5kVA / 2.0KW
DC Output 12V / 8.3A
Engine Model SGS
Engine Type 4-Stroke Engine
Engine Displacement 163cc
Engine RPM 3000 RPM
Engine HP 5.5 HP
Run Time 8 Hours @ 50% Load
Power Phase Single Phase
Output Sockets 115V 16A, 230V 16A
Sound Level 65 dB
Housing Frame
Dimensions L600 x W455 x H465
This SGS dual voltage, heavy duty SPG2200 petrol generator provides a reliable, efficient source of portable electrical backup or standby power for light trade, DIY, leisure and home users alike!

It delivers up to 2.2 kW / 2.8 kVA of power from a 115 V 16 amp socket or a 230 V 16 amp socket, and in addition has a 12V DC 8.3amp output. Continuous power is rated at 2 kW / 2.5 kVA. The power is delivered from a reliable 5.5 HP 4-stoke petrol engine with an easy-start recoil mechanism and low oil level alert. A spacious 15 litre fuel tank gives approximately 8 hours of run time at 50% load. A circuit breaker is fitted to protect against overload and an AVR to sense and maintain a constant voltage as the load on the generator varies.

All our generators come with 100% copper motor coils instead of the more commonly used (and cheaper) aluminium coils found on other models. This ensures a greater and more reliable power output.

It's also built into a sturdy, neat and economical all-steel frame to protect the generators components as well as provide useful lifting and securing point.

Tips on ordering the correct generator:
It is recommended to leave 20-25% headroom when ordering a generator. So a 1000W heater should be run on a 1200W generator, to help extend the life of the generator.

Resistive and inductive loads:
A generator can be used for two types of loads – resistive and inductive. A resistive load has no moving parts and no start-up power requirement – for example kettles, light bulbs and heaters. An inductive load applies to most items with a moving part – for example motors, air compressors, power washers, drills and hoovers. Items with an inductive load require three times their rated wattage at start-up. So a 1000W hoover/vacuum would need up to 3000W at start-up.

NOTE: The generator will require filling with 0.6 litres of 10W30 grade oil before first use.


  • Price
    Review by Steve
    (Posted on 31/12/2017)
    Surprised? I really was. Used generators for years and for the price it's a fantastic bit of kit. Easily runs appliances lights tools Tec. Recommended
  • Price
    Review by Mark turnbull
    (Posted on 28/12/2017)
    Got my generator today 28/12/2017 it’s spot on used within the hour I had the same kw in another genie that used to struggle used this one what a dream would recommend it
  • Delivery
    Review by Charles Ellerington
    (Posted on 20/06/2016)
    Not quite sure which generator would be best suited to my needs. Spoke to George Carpenter and got some first class advice. ordered the generator over the phone on Thursday for delivery the next day. The generator arrived on time and was used in earnest over the weekend. Good quality build and worked really well.
  • Price
    Review by Paul sheen
    (Posted on 24/04/2016)
    Love it work so well ideal for my jobs
    This is the ideal for the did jobs runs for 8 hours and works so well you should tyr this out good price as well
  • Price
    Review by Alastair
    (Posted on 28/03/2016)
    Used to provide power in power cuts. Note you need to fill the oil right up (beyond half mentioned in instructions and up to max) otherwise it will refuse to start due to the oil safety mechanism.
  • Price
    Review by RoMc
    (Posted on 20/11/2015)
    Five Stars
    Bang on!
  • Price
    Review by Julian
    (Posted on 07/08/2014)
    superb value!
    Used this to power a mixer, cango and charge various kit. Built the base of a 4 bedhouse using it
  • Quality
    Review by Simon West
    (Posted on 04/04/2014)
    good generator, i am powering a plastering drill with it and its not skipped a beat yet

    sgs cant be matched on price i shopped around and this is a great value genny
  • Price
    Review by Pete
    (Posted on 01/04/2014)
    Good little machine
    I bought this generator for power outages and running some of my garden tools. It works well and the weight is manageable to move around.
    It's pretty good on petrol too, I ran it for over half a day and didn't empty the tank. It also has a fuel gauge built into the fuel tank. I like the charging cables that come with it for charging batteries, they plug right in the front panel.

    If you're looking for a small generator, this is a winner!
  • Delivery
    Review by Chris
    (Posted on 20/03/2014)
    A bit heavy to lift into a van but it is manageable. Very good starter and runs like a dream but a little noisy so choose your spot carefully. I had it running for twelve hours, stopping only to refuel. Very satisfied and at this sale price an absolute bargain.

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