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SGS 8.1 kVA Portable Petrol Generator With Electric Start & Wheels

Product Code: SPG6500

£636.02 £530.02 £669.50 Save £33.48
This superb dual voltage, heavy duty 6500 W petrol powered generator from SGS Engineering provides a very reliable source of electrical power for light trade and domestic uses including powering remote lighting, pressure washers, power tools, compressors and water pumps. The large 6.5kW output is suitable for many backup and standby power requirements.

The SPG6500 delivers up to 6.5 kW or 8.1 kVA of power from a 16 amp 115 V socket, 32 amp 115 V socket or a 32 amp 230 V socket, and in addition has a 12V DC 8.3amp output.

All our generators come with 100% copper motor coils instead of the more commonly used (and cheaper) aluminium coils found on other models. This ensures a greater and more reliable power output from SGS generators.

It is fitted with an extra large 25 litre fuel tank for up to 10 hours continuous operation between refuelling, is powered by a reliable electric start 4-stroke petrol engine and is protected by a sturdy all steel surround frame fitted with large rubber wheels for maneuverability.

Fitted with an AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to sense and maintain a constant voltage as the load on the generator varies.

Tips on ordering the correct generator:
It is recommended to leave 20-25% headroom when ordering a generator. So a 1000W kettle should be run on a 1200W generator, to help extend the life of the generator.

Resistive and inductive loads:
A generator can be used for two types of loads – resistive and inductive. A resistive load has no moving parts and no start-up power requirement – for example kettles, light bulbs and heaters. An inductive load applies to most items with a moving part – for example motors, air compressors, power washers, drills and hoovers. Items with an inductive load require three times their rated wattage at start-up. So a 1000W drill would need up to 3000W at start-up.

NOTE: The generator will require filling with 1.1 litres of 10W30 grade oil before first use.

NOTE: This generator will require both our 32 amp to 16 amp and a 16 amp to 13 amp fly leads for use with a standard 3 pin plug. We also supply this generator as a bundle with the required fly leads and oil. Covered by a 2 year extended warranty.
Buy SGS 8.1 kVA Portable Petrol Generator With Electric Start & Wheels by SGS for only £636.02
Part Number SPG6500
Display Weight (Kg) 98
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Power Phase Single Phase
Max Power Output (W) 6,500 W
Tank Size 25 Litres
Sound Level 69 dB
Engine Type 4-Stroke Engine
Engine RPM 3000 RPM
Engine HP 15 HP
Run Time 10 Hours @ 50% Load
Output Sockets 115V 16A, 115V 32A, 230V 32A
Dimensions L690 x W540 x H570

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