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Mechanical Jaw Pullers for Sale

The SGS range of 1-25 ton mechanical jaw pullers is designed for use on bearings, gears and press-fitted parts. With such a wide choice of jaw puller capacities, you’ll be easily able to choose the puller with the most appropriate spread and reach - these dimensions must be greater than those of the job. Whether it’s a 3 jaw puller or a 2 jaw puller, you can count on excellent results. What’s more, those which feature Power Team’s Grip-O-Matic design will provide an extra hard pull and a tight grip that will help you get your jobs done much quicker. Any of our mechanical jaw pullers though are ideal for gripping and removing a myriad of press-fitted parts, particularly gears and bearings.
  1. 1 ton (1)
  2. 2 ton (2)
  3. 5 ton (4)
  4. 7 ton (4)
  5. 13 ton (4)
  6. 17.5 ton (3)
  7. 25 ton (2)
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20 products from £23.38 to £464.1
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