SPX PTPHV859SPX Hands-Free Hydraulic Bench Vise with Foot Pump

Product Code: PTPHV859SPX

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This Hands-free Hydraulic Bench Vise from SPX includes an air control valve for variable speed and safety. Additionally, the vise can operate in vertical and horizontal configurations for project flexibility. The vise jaw opens up to 8" (203mm) for large holding requirements.

Features and benefits:

• Magnetically hold sockets for assembling and disassembling universal joints.
• Provides 3" (76mm) of rigid aluminium construction and superior magnetic locking power to hold screws, rings, c-clips, and springs.
• Makes any job a one-man operation with superior strength to hold 5.5 lbs (2.49 kg) vertically and 2.75 lbs (1.24 kg) pounds horizontally.
• Can be used as a jaw liner for non-marking material and hold threaded objects rigid without damage to threads

Technical specifications:

- Hose length: 10ft (304.8mm)
- Jaw opening: 8" (203mm)
- Air supply required: 90 to 175 PSI
- Jaw width: 8" (203mm)
- Gauge pressure range: 0 - 10000 PSI
- Capacity: 5 tonnes
- Maximum operating pressure: 10000 PSI
- Weight: 40.8 Kg

Note: Air supply is required when using a hydraulic pump.

Supplied in the box:

1 x 5-Ton Hydraulic Vise
1 x Hold-Ets Magnetic Vise Clips
1 x 10,000 PSI (690 Bar) Foot Pump
1 x Gauge
1 x Gauge Adapter
1 x Hose 10'
1 x Female Coupler
1 x Male Coupler

Part Number PTPHV859SPX
Display Weight (Kg) 40.8 Kg
Warranty 10 Year Warranty
Brand SPX

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