Trend BSC/20/100 Size 20 Compressed Beech Biscuits - 100pk

Product Code: BSC/20/100

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A pack of 100 Trend size 20 compressed beech biscuits made of die cut beech, which allow easy construction across a multitude of applications using simple butt joints and slotted biscuit grooves for quickly constructed very strong joints on joinery, furniture and framing.

• Used with PVA adhesives, the moisture in the glue expands the beech biscuits to form a solid bond that locks any joint tightly for maximum strength.

• Made from high quality compressed beech in the popular No20 size for heavier construction applications for use on all hard and softwoods, ply, chipboard, MDF, allowing fast, strong connections.

• Compared to doweling, biscuit jointing is faster and more precise.

Technical specifications:

- Biscuit size: 60mm x 23mm x 4mm

- For board thickness: 19mm+

Supplied in the box:

100 x Trend Size 20 Compressed Beech Biscuits

Part Number BSC/20/100
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand Trend