Trend SNAP/DBG/12 Snappy hinge centring guide - 4.36mm drill bit

Product Code: SNAP/DBG/12

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A Trend Snappy Hinge Centring Guide with 4.36mm drill bit - the perfect accessory for making centralised pilot holes when fitting countersunk hinges and other ironmongery.

• With its bevelled nose design, the Drill Bit Guide automatically self centres when positioned in a countersink.

• Eliminates any problems of off set screws, misalignment of fittings or screwheads sticking up, for professional, consistent flush fitting results every time.

• Makes the correct sized pilot hole for any fitting that requires No12 gauge screws.

• Direct fit to Trend Snappy Chucks with spring loaded drill bit for fast action in hard and softwoods.

Technical specifications:

- Drill bit diameter: 11/64" (4.36mm)

- Shank type: 1/4" Hex

- Screw size: No. 12 (5.5mm

Supplied in the box:

1 x Trend Snappy Hinge Centring Guide - 4.36mm drill bit

Part Number SNAP/DBG/12
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand Trend
Gender Unisex

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