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Trend T18S/BJK1K2 Cordless Biscuit Jointer Kit

Product Code: T18S/BJK1K2

£446.39 £371.99
New from Trend!

This Trend biscuit jointer kit is perfect for all those professional and DIY enthusiast so why buy it one piece at a time when you can get it all together.

This kit includes:

1 x T18S/BJK1 - Biscuit Jointer
1 x T18S/CH6A - Charger
2 x T18S/BA4AM - Battery


The Biscuit Jointer was built to provide high power and endurance. Its 0° to 90° cutting angles allows the user to cover multiple jointing applications with a single tool instead of having the need to get multiple tools for just one job. The milled reference faces allows for accurate positioning on all jointing styles giving that extra bit of quality the user is after.

Features and Benefits:

• Trend high performance motor - Built for power and endurance
• 6 Cutting depths – For No 0, 10 and 20 Biscuits plus additional ’Maximum’ Duplex and Simplex settings
• 0 – 90 Degree cutting angles – Covers multiple jointing applications
• 35mm Fence adjustment – Up to 35mm from an edge for setting biscuits into thicker stock
• Tilting fence indents – 0, 45 and 90 degrees settings for fast positioning on common angles
• Cam lock each and pinion height fence –Precision height adjustment with cam lock retention
• Milled reference faces – For accurate positioning on all jointing styles
• Anti-slip rubber – Rubber cutter aperture prevents slippage as the cutter engages the workpiece
• Top mounted sliding switch – Easily accessible sliding switch for left or right-handed operation
• Supplied with CR/BJB100T Biscuit Jointer Blade, Attachment Plate, Dust Bag and Adaptor and Vacuum adaptor (fits T35 and T32 Dust Extractors)

Technical specifications:

- Voltage: 18 V
- No Load Speed: 8500 rpm
- Angle Range: 0° - 90°
- Max. Fence Height: 35 mm
- Blade Diameter: 100 mm
- Teeth: 6
- Bore Size: 22 mm
- Weight: 3 Kg


The 18V Charger is designed to be long lasting and have good durability with the protective side vents that prevent dust and debris getting in. It is also an extremely fast charger for Trend batteries with the fastest being 32 minutes and the longest only taking 54 minutes, to keep the charging as efficient as possible the charger is air cooled to prevent heat build up.

Features and Benefits:

• 6Ah fast charging – 2Ah: 32mins, 4Ah: 48mins, 5Ah: 54mins
• Air cooled – reduces heat build-up for more efficient faster charging
• LED charge indicators – easy read indicators show ‘charging’ and ‘full charge’ states
• Protective side vents – prevents dust and debris ingress

Technical specifications:

- Voltage: 18 V
- Charging Current: 6 Ah
- Charging Time: 32 minutes - 2 Ah battery
- Charging Time: 48 minutes - 4 Ah slimline battery
- Charging Time: 54 minutes - 5 Ah battery
- Cooling: Air Cooled
- Weight: 2.1 Kg


The 4Ah Slimline Battery has high performance cells to allow for superior run time over other batteries within its range. Its design has kept the user in mind with its reduced weight to allow for a better balance when being used on a tool and to reduce any extra fatigue when using the tool it is attached to. The batteries casing is highly durable designed to withstand heavy duty construction damage.

Features and Benefits:

• 18 Volt Lithium Ion cells: high performance cells for superior run times
• Trend tool connection: lock button for secure retention, compatible with all trend 18v Lithium Ion battery tools
• 2Ah, 4Ah and 5Ah battery options – three power capacities and sizes to set up the tools to suit the work in hand
• High current output 4Ah: 21700 cells compact with reduced weight for better balance and reduced user fatigue
• 6Ah Fast charging – 2Ah-32mins, 4Ah -48mins, 5Ah-54mins charge times
• LED charge indicator – 4 led indicators for fast indication of charge remaining/stored
• Tough outer casing: heavy duty construction protects against damage

Technical specifications:

- Voltage: 18 V
- Cell Type: 2Ah & 5Ah - 18650 cells
- Cell Type: 4Ah slimline 21700 cells
- Charging Time: 32 minutes - 2 Ah battery
- Charging Time: 48 minutes - 4 Ah slimline battery
- Charging Time: 54 minutes - 5 Ah battery
- Weight: 2.1 Kg
Part Number T18S/BJK1K2
Display Weight (Kg) 9.3 Kg
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand Trend
Voltage 18V
Gender Unisex

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