Unilite UV-CURE Powerful UV Curing Kit

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The UV-CURE gun is an ultra high powered curing gun for quick and efficient UV curing. The gun has powerful 66W hi flux UV-A LEDs for curing large surfaces and can cure some primers in 1 second. Constructed of toughened Aluminium & Polyamide, it has both IK07 shock resistance and IP65 dust & water protection. Built with an efficient ultrasonic range finder, the gun will dim the closer it gets to the surface to ensure paint does not burn. For safety it only emits UV-A and no harmful UV B & C. It has a built in cooling system to ensure optimum light output during extended use.

Key Features and Benefits

• High power 66W ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs

• Super tough Aluminium & Polyamide construction

• Up to 1s curing time for some UV primers

• Powerful irradiance with maximum UV-A intensity of 55,000 μW/cm² at 20 cm (8 inches)

• Only powers and emits UV-A, no harmful UV-B & C

• Successfully tested on UV paint products by these major paint manufacturers - PPG, Akzo Nobel, BASF, Axalta, Doppon

• Efficient built-in cooling system keeps lamp cool to maintain optimum light output during extended use

• Efficient ultrasonic range finder function

• Wall-mounted charging station provides more convenient recharging process

What's in the box?


1x Wall-mounted charger

1x Carry case and accessories

Buy Unilite UV-CURE Powerful UV Curing Kit by Unilite for only £1,079.99
Part Number UV-CURE
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Unilite
IP Rating IP65

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