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Product Code: MINIHSV240

£238.13 £198.44
The MINI helps you tackle dust at the source. Connect it to your power tool with the universal adaptor or sweep up with the dustless sweep kit and enjoy a dust-free environment. Certified M CLASS. Unrated vacuum cleaners are extremely dangerous because the dangerous dust passes through the motor and is pumped back into the air. This dust remains airborne for up to 8 hours and when you breathe it in it goes right into your lungs chamber where the gas exchanges take place and lodges there forever. More than 500 people die every year in the UK because of this problem. Needless to say, this dust also damages your vacuum motor. The M offers you AFFORDABLE compliance and protection from common dust-related health issues.

The V-TUF Extractor is suitable for attachment to most power tools and for a range of applications. However, for saws, where there is a large amount of dust and debris to collect, if the blade is over 210mm or motor above 1600watt, you may experience some reduced efficiency. If this application represents the majority of your requirements then we suggest that you consider a larger extractor for sufficient extraction and collection.

Features and Benefits:

- Tough chromed steel poles
- Toughened handle and cable store
- Semi-auto filter shaker with a washable HEPA filter
- 15 Litre Metal tank
- High vis 5m hose - anti-kink, anti-crush
- Front metal/nylon castors and tough nylon rear wheels.

Technical Specification:

- Cable Length - 5 metres
- Motor Power - 800W
- Accessories - Sweep up tool, flexible power tool dust connector/adaptor, crevice tool, Round brush, 3M hose, Bag, Filter
- Voltage - 240v – 50/60Hz
- Air Flow - Measured at 20-25l/sec
- Suction Lift - 2400mm 18KPA
- Tank Size - 15 litres – 8.5L (Dry Waste)
- Weight - Gross - 7Kg Net - 5Kg
- Filtration - M CLASS Certified machine
- Noise (dB9A)) - 76
- Dimensions - Depth:360mm Width:340mm Height:420mm

Supplied With:

- 1 x Hose (Stretches up to 5m)
- 2 x Steel Tubes (32mm)
- 1 x Elbow Tube (32mm)
- 1 x Carpet & Hard Floor Head
- 1 x Power Tool Extraction Port Adaptor
- 1 x Crevice Tool
- 1 x Small Rectangle Brush Head
- 1 x Small Round Brush Head
Buy V-TUF 240 Volt M-CLASS MINI DUST EXTRACTOR by V-TUF for only £238.13
Part Number MINIHSV240
Display Weight (Kg) 5kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number MINI240
Brand V-TUF
Gender Unisex

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