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V-TUF SYNERGY - 110V Autoswitch Workshop Tool & Vacuum Syncing Switch

Product Code: VTM161

£155.99 £129.99
The V-TUF 110V SYNERGY (VTM161) enables you to use an 110V dust extraction vacuum cleaner in sync with a 110v corded power tool. Removes all airborne dust in a harmful dusty working environment and reduces energy consumption, while helping you get the job done quicker and cleaner. With a built-in overload protection feature, ensures the operators safety and the reliability of a suited power supply.

Features and benefits:

• Automatically turns on your shop vacuum in sync with your power tool
• Perfect for any power tool that benefits from dust collection
• Mode switch and two accessory outlets for more flexibility and control
• Supports a wide range of power tools from rotary handheld devices to large saws
• Auto turn-on vacuum delay prevents circuit overload

Technical specification:

- Voltage: 110v
- 2x 110v Power Take Off Sockets: 1000w
- Automatic & Manual Switch Option
- Power Cable: 7m
- Side Mounting Points
- Overload Protection

The vacuum auto switch box has two 110v 16AMP standard sockets, one for your dust extraction vacuum and the other for your power tool, the V-TUF Synergy is ideal for converting your hosed dust extraction vacuum into a synchronised extractor for your favourite power tools.

Two mounting points allows for the Synergy unit to be attached at the most convenient point during operation and comes as standard with a 7m supply cable with 16amp 110v plug.

The V-TUF SYNERGY is also known as the i-vac i-Socket Autoswitch Workshop Tool and Vacuum Switch, and has been designed to automatically cut the suction, 8 seconds after the power tool has been switched off, to ensure 100% efficient dust extraction!
Part Number VTM161
Display Weight (Kg) 1.9kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number SYNERGY-110
Brand V-TUF
Gender Unisex

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