Wera 05073290001 Joker Combination Ratchet Spanner Set Metric 4pc

Product Code: 05073290001

£87.59 £72.99


Set of 4 Joker combination ratchet spanners in 4 of the most popular sizes with colour coding for ease of selection. The Joker wrench from Wera works quickly and precisely in almost any conceivable situation. The ratchet mechanism on the ring end features exceptionally fine toothing with 80 teeth and provides flexibility even in narrow spaces. The special forged geometry combined with high performance chrome molybdenum steel and nickel-chrome coating ensure a long service life, high durability and dependable protection against corrosion.

Key Features

- 10 to 19mm ratchet spanners - set of 4

- Holding function with metal plate in jaw

- Integrated stop plate

- Double-hex geometry

- Nickel-chrome coating for high corrosion protection

- Very small drawback angle

- Spanner does not have to be flipped

- Secure fastening even at high torque

Whats included

Set includes: 1 x 10 x 159mm, 1 x 13 x 177mm, 1 x 17 x 224mm, 1 x 19 x 246mm.

Buy Wera 05073290001 Joker Combination Ratchet Spanner Set Metric 4pc by Wera for only £87.59
Part Number 05073290001
Display Weight (Kg) 0.6
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Wera

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