Wera 05135926001 135926 Kraftform Kompakt W1 Maintenance Kit

Product Code: 05135926001

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Compact tool set with the 35 most important screw driving tools for maintenance work both indoors as well as outdoors. Includes VDE holder with 12 VDE blades; 1 JOKER double open-end wrench with holding function, limit stop, small return angle and extremely gripping teeth; the incredibly fast ¼” Zyklop Speed ratchet and accessories; 8 manual and power tool sockets, sizes 5.5-13, 1 universal bit holder; 7 bits in a length of 25 mm; 1 screw gripper for firmly holding screws; 1 voltage tester 247; textile box, very robust and durable; can be positioned upright in the workshop shelf for convenient storage; additional surface protection thanks to the textile outer material; low weight and volume for simplified mobility.

Key Features

- Freely pivoting ratchet head with 5 predefined locking positions

- Fine-pitched with 72 teeth

- Small return angle of only 5°

- Free-turning sleeve for high working speeds. Fine tooth design allows a small return angle of 5 degrees

- "Take it easy" Tool Finder with colour coding according to sizes

What's included

1x 817: 9 x 102 mm; 1x KK 60i: 0.4x2.5x154; 3x KK VDE 60 iS: 0.6x3.5x154; 0.8x4.0x154; 1.0x5.5x154

2x KK 62iS: PH 1x154; PH 2x154; 1x KK 67i: TX 10x154; 3x KK 67iS: TX 15x154; TX 20x154; TX 25x154

2x KK 65iS: PZ 1x154; PZ 2x154; 1x 1440: 4.5-6x41; 1x 247 Voltage Tester

1x 6002: 10x13x167; 1x 8000 A: 1/4"x152; 1x 8784 A1: 1/4"x1/4"x37; 1x 8794 SA: 1/4"x 75 mm

8x 8790 HMA: 5.5x23.0; 6.0x23.0; 7.0x23.0; 8.0x23.0; 10.0x23.0; 11.0x23.0; 12.0x23.0; 13.0x23.0

1x 893/4/1 K: 1/4"x50; 2x 851/1 Z: PH 1x25; PH 2x25; 4x 840/1 Z: 3.0x25; 4.0x25; 5.0x25; 6.0x25

1x 867/1 TORX screwdriver bit: TX 25x25

Buy Wera 05135926001 135926 Kraftform Kompakt W1 Maintenance Kit by Wera for only £119.99
Part Number 05135926001
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Wera

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