Drill and Driver Buyers Guide: What Drill Do I Need?

Need to use a drill but confused which one is right for the job? SGS Engineering has created this handy guide to help you on your way.

Every DIY enthusiast and professional tradesman needs power tools that they can rely on. The drill is essential for every tool kit and depended on for completing numerous household and professional tasks, ensuring you have the right power drill is paramount. Whether you're always hands-on with home improvement projects or you only occasionally do DIY touch-ups when they're needed, if you're a homeowner you're likely to need a drill. A competent drill will hold its charge, have easy-to-use controls and be able to handle a variety of tasks.

So what’s the difference between the different types of drills and which is the right one for you? This chart gives a quick break down of all the tools you'll see in this piece;

BrandNameUse Max Torque (Nm)Max Speed (rpm)
DHP484Z DIY542000
M18ONEPD-X Professional1355500
KWT-001-19 Professional521450
M18FPD-0 Professional1352000


Designed with versatility in mind, a drill driver helps create holes and drive screws. With a key-less chuck that accepts a wide range of both round and hex-shank drill bits, screw driving bits and additional accessories such as hole saws, rotary sanders and wire-wheel brushes. There are a few features you'll find on almost every drill, the terminology may seem a little daunting (especially if you're a first time buyer) so we've explained all the jargon below to help you make a more informed decision.


Cordless drills are lightweight, easy to use and useful for successfully completing most small household tasks. Their benefits mean they are easy to transport and can be used anywhere and everywhere, although they are not always as powerful as drills which require a mains power source, they are incredibly convenient in that you can move freely, as well as tackle those DIY jobs in hard-to-reach areas.

The power is measured in voltage (V), voltage tells you how powerful your cordless tool is – a high voltage means a more powerful drill, and it will also give you more torque strength to overcome resistance. Lithium-ion batteries are typically the go to power source for cordless drills – along side being much safer for the environment, the sleek design is what allows our tools to be so lightweight and powerful.

Lithium-ion batteries can be charged whenever you want to, no matter how full or empty it is. So essentially you can put it back on charge after every use, ensuring you'll always have a full battery when you need it. In addition, they boast no self-discharge - you can rest easy knowing if you pack up your tool fully charged, whenever you take it back out it will still have the same amount.

Combi Drills

The combi-drill has a hammer option for hammering into harder materials, so can be used outdoors on concrete, and screw driving applications making it extra versatile. Without a hammer application, most standard drills are only suitable for wood, plasterboard and metal hence the combi drill is a perfect choice. Behind the rotating drill bit - two ribbed, metal discs click in and out against each other, pounding the drill bit forward. This functionality makes the versatile combi drill an excellent choice for your home. These drills are able to accept both rounded and hex drill bits, and offer up the ability to drill holes and drive screws.

Revolutions per Minute (RPM).

Also recognised as no load speed, this is essentially telling you how fast your drill rotates. The reason it's called "no load speed" is because the number is recorded when the drill is not actively drilling anything. Usually, the RPM will be reduced once your drill comes into contact with anything.

Most drills will allow you to change the speed of the tool and, as with torque, you should do this depending on the material or task you are drilling. A low speed would be choice for driving screws or drilling into softer materials such as plasterboard, whereas a high speed is better for drilling into harder materials.

What Are you Using Your Drill For?

The type, size and weight of your drill can affect the kind of work you can use it for, so it’s important to choose the right one. SGS Engineering have an incredible selection of drill drivers from industry leading brands such as Milwaukee, Ryobi, Hyundai and Kielder that service a wide range of voltages and usages. Whether you’re looking to replace an old corded model or buy a brand-new cordless drill our product selection covers a wide range of makes and models.

Home/Light DIY Use

The home and DIY drills in our range are ideal for low duty applications, such as light home use or occasional weekend work. These great value drills will enable you to change tyres or do some light tinkering at the weekend. If you look after these drills properly they’ll give you years of reliable service and just for your peace of mind – we include a 3 year warranty with all our drills!

Ryobi ONE+ R18PD-0 ONE+ 18V Combi Drill

  • Max. drilling steel (mm): 13
  • Max. drilling wood (mm): 38
  • Max. torque (Nm): 55
  • No load speed gear 1 (rpm): 0-375
  • No load speed gear 2 (rpm): 0-1600
  • Percussion rate gear 1: 0-5600
  • Percussion rate gear 2: 0-24000
  • Torque settings: 24

The Ryobi ONE+ combi drill is perfect to use for tradesmen and DIYers who need a versatile tool for multiple applications from a combination drill, screw driver and percussion drill. The 2 gears can control max speed to match different materials and applications such as drilling into metal, wood, driving screws or even drilling in masonry with the hammer function. The drill has been manufactured to a high standard and is equipped with a LED light to help illuminate your work area. The handle is comfortable for extended usage with the GripZone™ technology used on the handle.

Makita DHP484Z 18V Brushless Combi Drill 54Nm

  • 21 Torque Settings + drill
  • 13mm Keyless Chuck
  • Max. Torque: 54Nm
  • Aluminium Gear Housing
  • No Load Speed (Hi) - 0 - 2,000 rpm
  • No Load Speed (Lo) - 0 - 500 rpm
  • Capacity in Steel - 13 mm
  • Capacity in Wood - 38 mm

This cordless hammer driver drill from Makita features brushless motor to provide up to 50% more run time, increased power, speed and overall tool life. Thank to that this tool provides more energy and power, generating a maximum 7500rpm no load speed, impressive max 54Nm torque and up to 30000bpm impact rate. This tool is offering 2-speed all-metal mechanical gearbox. The gear ratios offer you optimum low and high speeds for driving screws or for drilling. The variable speed trigger and 21 torque settings ensure you have the means to drive many different sizes of screw into many different materials.

Professional Use

If you need your drill to be a little more durable and stand up to frequent vigorous use, we recommend one of our professional range drills. They're designed to withstand daily use and drill for hours without fatigue. These drills are ideal for professional use or perhaps really big DIY projects, they all come with a 3 year warranty - giving you total peace of mind.

Milwaukee M18ONEPD-X 18V 135Nm Combi Drill

  • Maximum percussion rate 0 to 32000bpm
  • 13 torque settings
  • Electronic clutch
  • Maximum torque 135Nm
  • Maximum drilling through steel 13mm
  • 2 speed gear selection
  • No load speed gear 1 0 to 5500rpm
  • No load speed gear 2 0 to 2000rpm

The Milwaukee M18ONEPD-0 Combi Drill offers fast speed delivering up to 2000rpm and unmatched torque up to 135Nm and 13 torque settings. The combi drill can be controlled using the Milwaukee ONE-KEY™ app by connecting via Bluetooth. The app allows users to customize the power to their required control speed, torque, start and end speed and application.

Kielder KWT-001-19 18V Generation 2 Brushless Combi Drill

  • Max Torque: 52Nm
  • Chuck: 13mm (All Metal)
  • Torque Settings: 16 + Drill & Hammer mode
  • Max Steel: 13mm
  • Max Wood: 45mm
  • Speed 1: 0-400rpm
  • Speed 2: 0-1450rpm

Perfectly balanced, lightweight combi drill, with hammer function - ideal for a vast range of drilling applications. Driven by a smooth digital brushless motor and fuelled by Samsung Li-Ion batteries, for high performance and longer run-time & tool life.

An SGS Favourite:Milwaukee M18FPD-0 18V 135Nm Li-Ion Brushless Fuel Combi Drill With FREE Case

The Milwaukee M18FPD-0 Fuel Combi Drill percussion rate delivers upto 32000 BPM. You can also choose between 3 modes - hammer, rotary and screwdriver. This compact combi drill is stronger, smaller and offers up to 60% more power. Measuring at just 197mm this drill boasts a very powerful brushless powerstate™ motor which gives the user 60% more torque and 10x longer motor life. The combi drill delivers up to 2000rpm and can produce up to 135Nm torque. To help control the high levels of torque, a side handle is provided with the combi drill.

Staying in Charge

To combat the cordless drill running out of charge it’s best to always be prepared with some rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which only take 60 minutes to recharge, so you can spend more time drilling and less time being inconvenienced.

Drill Bits

Now you've found the perfect drill, the next step is to find the right drill bits for the job at hand. clink the link below for our convenient drill bit buying guide

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