Gas Strut Regassing Service

The only company in the UK to
offer gas strut re-gassing

Re-pressurise your weak, old gas struts for significant savings over purchasing new

Re-gas car tailgate and bonnet struts

Big Savings

We have developed a unique re-gassing service that caters for virtually any gas strut, while costing a fraction of the price of new struts.

The service presents an ideal solution to replacing gas struts that have lost pressure, are no longer manufactured or cannot be found.

Re-gassing caravan gas struts

How does the Re-Gas Work?

The strut must be removed from the host equipment and sent to our workshop for a free inspection. We will then advise you if a re-gas will be successful or economical. The struts are tested and gassed on the day they are received and shipped back on a next-day delivery service.

Uprate gas struts for additional strength

Up-Rating Gas Struts

Existing gas struts can be uprated to a higher force if additional weight has been added to an application, such as a spoiler or bike rack on a car boot - saving you money over purchasing new gas struts!

New gas struts purchased from SGS can also be supplied them at a higher pressure than the factory setting.

Re-gassing sunbed gas struts

SGS Warranty

If a re-gas fails within the one month warranty period then the cost of the re-gas is discounted from new gas struts purchased from SGS. However we will always recommend new struts if we don’t feel a re-gas would be economical.

Re-gassing gauge

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