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Super Silent Air Compressors

Silent Air Compressors for Sale

When you shop with us, you’ll find a large selection of silent and super-silent air compressors from leading brands like SGS, Nuair and Fini. Manufactured to the highest standards, these compressors are suitable for professional use. Browse our range today to find quiet air compressors that are perfect for you. View our Air Compressor Selection Guide for help choosing a compressor.

Most of our collection of low-noise air compressors are portable, which means that there won’t be anything holding you back as you complete your work. You can freely move them to where they need to be, something which we know you’ll appreciate during a busy day on site.

Our selection has tank sizes ranging from six to 500 litres so we’re confident that you’ll find the right one for your next job when you shop with SGS. Whichever item you choose, you’ll receive warranty to cover your purchase so be sure to check out our warranty information for more peace of mind.


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