Gas Strut Re-Gassing, Refill & Repair Service

Make significant savings by re-pressurising your old, weak gas struts rather than purchasing new ones. Here at SGS, we’re the only company in the UK to offer a gas strut re-gassing service. We have developed a unique strut re-gassing service that caters for virtually any gas strut, while costing a fraction of the price of new struts. It’s ideal for gas struts that have lost pressure, are no longer manufactured or cannot be found.
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How does the Re-Gas Work?

  • Fill in your details in the form at the bottom of the page
  • We will contact you same-day with a quote (working days only mon-fri excluding bank holidays)
  • Post us your struts and receive them back two days later

For the gas strut repair, the strut must be removed from the host equipment and sent to our workshop for a free inspection.

We will then advise you if a re-gas will be successful or economical. The struts are tested and gassed on the day they are received and shipped back using a next-day delivery service.

Can Gas Struts be Re-Gassed

On average, gas struts can last anywhere from 3 to 7 years, but some high-quality ones might even last longer, up to 10 years or more. However, it's important to note that gas struts can degrade over time due to factors like exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, and repeated use.

Signs that your gas struts might be nearing the end of their lifespan include reduced lifting power, leaking oil, or visible damage to the casing. If your gas strut is close to that age, we would recommend you don't re-gas struts but purchase new gas-struts instead.

Up-Rating Gas Struts

Existing gas struts can be up-rated to a higher force if additional weight has been added to an application, such as a spoiler or bike rack on a car boot - saving you money over purchasing new gas struts! New gas struts purchased from SGS can also be supplied them at a higher pressure than the factory setting.

What is the Cost of Re-Gassing

Depending on your specifacations expect the total cost to range between £20-60. This also depends if you need ends and if you are re-gassing singles or pairs of gas struts.

What we would advise is replace the gas stuts as a pair. Single gas struts from openers on cupboards, boxes or caravans can be re-gassed.

SGS Warranty on Re-Gas

If a re-gas fails within the one month warranty period, then the cost of the re-gas is discounted from new gas struts purchased from SGS. However, we will always recommend new struts if we don’t feel a re-gas would be an economical solution.

Help Centre

For more information about gas springs and struts, visit our help centre. Here you can find out how to fit and install gas struts for a variety of applications, how to adjust their force and further help. Contact our sales team if you have any more questions about our gas strut sales, need help finding the best gas spring for your situation or anything more at SGS Engineering.