Air Compressors for Sale

SGS offers an extensive selection of air compressors for sale, all hand-built by our expert engineers to the highest standard of quality and European CE marked for product safety. SGS air compressors are ideal for DIY, hobby and semi-professional use and combine quality and reliability with great value for money. We also supply ABAC, Nuair and Fini

All our compressors for sale in the UK are covered by a 2-year warranty so you can buy your air compressor from SGS with full assurance of their quality. Browse our wide range and choose the one that fits your needs, or check out our selection guide for help with making the right choice from our collection of UK air compressors.

How do Air Compressors Work?

An air compressor turns engine power into compressed air. The air is compressed into a tank and is then controlled by a pressure switch that automatically shuts off the motor when the maximum working pressure is achieved, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). When used, compressed air is released from the tank to generate power. This continues until the pressure in the air compressor tank drops and a switch triggers the motor into operation, automatically filling the tank again.

Air compressors have several uses, such as spray-painting, tyre inflation, and nailing, stapling, sanding, drilling, cutting, grinding and air ratchets. The appropriate air compressor can be used not only in professional environments but also for many DIY projects around the home.

Here at SGS, you’ll find a selection of air fittings, hoses and accessories alongside a variety of DIY and professional-grade air compressors for sale, ready to use in the garage and workshop. Our range features several types of air compressors, including petrol/diesel optionsportable devices and great-value air compressor and tool bundle deals for those looking for a complete solution in the UK

Calculating the CFM needed

Take the highest-rated cubic feet per minute (CFM) tool you wish to use and multiply by a factor of 1.25 to 1.5 to give the required CFM of the compressor. This multiplication will ensure the performance of your air compressor will be maintained without overworking the compressor and losing efficiency. If multiple tools are to be used simultaneously, add together the CFM requirements of each tool and multiply by a factor of 1.25.

Choosing a Tank Size

The capacity or size of the tank is closely tied to the performance of the air compressor. The size of the tank determines the amount of pressurised air that can be stored by the compressor. The air compressor will run until the desired pressure is reached within the tank. It will then shut off. When the tank pressure drops below the minimum limit, the pump reactivates. It’s not recommended to use the compressor while the pump is filling the tank, so a bigger tank allows for longer use of the pneumatic tool.

Performance measurements of a compressor

  • The pressure produced at the tank, measured in PSI or bar
  • The size of the tank
  • The amount of air it can deliver in a set time (CFM or cubic feet per minute)

Required CFM for air tools

Nailer1 CFM
Air Drill4 CFM
Air Hammer / Chisel4 CFM
Cut Off Tool4 CFM
Grease/Caulking Gun4 CFM
High Speed Grinder4 CFM
Ratchet ½”4 CFM
Sand Blaster4 CFM
Impact Wrench ½”5 CFM
Angle Grinder6 CFM
Dual Action Sander6 CFM
Orbital Sander6 CFM
Spray Gun6 CFM
Die Grinder8 CFM
Spray Gun (HVLP)14 CFM

Help Centre

With a great range of high-quality, great-value air compressors for sale across the UK, SGS is the perfect place to find everything you need to meet your air delivery requirements. With air compressors being so versatile in their use, we've put together a few how-to guides and some safety information to get you started with how to use your air compressor:

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