Electric power saws

Saws are a key tool for all types of trades, as well as DIYers and hobbyists wanting a quick, smooth cut for their next project. Coming in a range of designs, including circular, band, mitre, table, reciprocating and jigsaws, there's a saw for every job.

Whatever you need to cut, SGS Engineering's extensive range of power saws make light work of tough wood, masonry, plastic and metal. We stock traditional and trusty corded electric saws as well as battery saws with just as much power plus extra portability. Explore the range now or learn more about our saws below.

Why choose electric power saws?

Electric power saws easily and quickly cut through all kinds of materials, making them a must-have tool for any shed, garage or locker. Designed to be sturdy and accurate, most electric saws feature tough steel blades and resistant mouldings that protect against accidental bumps, drops and scrapes, as well as the dust and moisture found on every site.

Today, corded and battery electric power saws are comparable in capabilities, with the latter offering just as much cutting power as wired. Both are lightweight, easy to use and built with ergonomics and comfort in mind. All usually come with lock-off safety devices, too, helping to prevent accidents.

Power saws come in all shapes and sizes. Circular saws, band saws, reciprocating saws and jigsaws are handy portable cutters suiting varying duties of job. At the other end of the saw spectrum are table saws and mitre saws – heavier-duty and perfect for tough and repetitive tasks.

Why choose SGS for your power saws?

SGS has been helping tradespeople, DIY lovers and hobbyists cut cleanly with top-quality power saws for over two decades. We understand that a worker is only as good as their tools, so all of our products come from trusted and tested toolmakers for which we can vouch. That's just one of the reasons why our customers regard us so highly on the likes of Trustpilot.

All of our corded and battery saws come with free next working day delivery on orders over £75 and, if you're not happy with your saw, we offer 60-day no-quibble returns on all orders as well.

Browse our range of electric saws today

You can rely on our electric power saws to cut exactly to specifications and stay a firm fixture in your toolbox long into the future. Explore the range of affordable quality saws today.

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