Power Team 1176 Reversible-jaw Hammer Puller with 1.1kg Hammer

Product Code: 1176

£90.24 £75.20 £180.48 Save £90.24

Ideal for pulling gears, bearings, outer races, grease retainers, oil seals, etc. Two or three jaws may be used and positioned for “inside” or “outside” pulling jobs. Both have 5/8"– 18 threaded end so attachments and adapters may be used. 1.1kg hammer, 27241 two-way head and 34698 jaws.

2 jaw spread
Inside: 31.8-88.9mm
Outside: 25.4-114mm

3 jaw spread
Inside: 38.1-108mm
Outside: 38.1-114mm

Part Number 1176
Display Weight (Kg) 3.3
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Brand SPX
Reach 686mm

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