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  • Leaf Blowers: The Ultimate Guide

    Autumn can leave your garden looking very messy, with leaves and debris scattered every where. This is where the trusty leaf blower comes in. Leaf blowers may soon be the most useful tool you find in your shed. Despite their name, leaf blowers a Read more
  • How to Remove a Tree Stump

    Old stumps scattered across the landscape of your garden can make it look messy and unkempt. This is made even worse when the eventual weeds and other plants start growing on them, especially if they get entirely camouflaged making them tripping Read more
  • Hydraulic Bench Presses: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

    What is hydraulic press? A hydraulic press is a machine that uses force placed upon a liquid, typically oil, as a compression device. Hydraulic presses can be found in both automatic and manually operated designs, both of which will come equi Read more
  • Parts Washers: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

    Many people consider cleaning parts, much too time-consuming and a frustrating of a task. Manual part washers take the hard work out of auto repair clean up. Used to remove contaminants or debris, such as dirt, grime, oil, grease etc from work Read more
  • Sandblast Cabinets: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

    At SGS Engineering, you can find a selection of quality shot blasting equipment that is sure to meet the demands of any domestic or professional applications and use. We have a choice of industrial blast cabinets, along with smaller portable bla Read more
  • Strimmers Ultimate Buyers Guide

    Struggling to understand which strimmer you require for the task in hand? SGS Engineering have put together this guide to help you choose which strimmer to buy. Why choose a Strimmer? When it comes to the essential gardening tools you need Read more
  • How to Clean a Carburettor

    Cleaning a carburettor isn't hard but there's more to it than simply spraying solvent in the carburettor throat. The carburettor is responsible for supplying the engine with fuel and air in a very specific ratio to do this the carb relies on var Read more
  • How To Replace The Pawls On An SST520 Strimmer

    Remove the top shaft and any attachments from the strimmer, then remove the four bolts indicated. Next remove the cover from the top and front of the clutch. With the casing removed, remove the pull cord assembly to reveal the pulley pl Read more
  • How To Fit A Strimmer Harness

    Hold the harness by the shoulder straps. Put your arms through the shoulder loops. Clip the top belt together. Clip the bottom belt together. Adjust the straps so the harness is tight against your body. Kneel down and clip the strimme Read more
  • What is Milwaukee ONE-KEY?

    ONE-KEY™ is an innovative new technology created by Milwaukee. It is a digital platform integrated on to all Milwaukee power tools and equipment. The tool management system works directly from the power tools themselves, meaning tha Read more

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