Milwaukee 48005221 150mm 5 TPI AX Carbide Demolition Sawzall Blade for Wood with Nails

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The Milwaukee 48005221 Sawzall Blade is ideal to use for plunge cutting into wood and wood that has nails embedded in them. Plunge cutting wont cause the blades to bend.

Engineered to deliver long life in the toughest applications, these new blades will deliver up to 30x longer life and 2x faster cutting compared to standard bi-metal blades. When it comes to extreme cutting applications and versatility in a wide range of materials, Carbide tooth technology provides optimum durability. Milwaukee’s bi-metal Ax™ Blades set the standard for wood cutting and have been the market leader ever since.

The new Ax with Carbide Teeth Blade features a Nail Guard™ tooth design to prevent nails from fracturing the blade’s teeth upon impact and an aggressive 5TPI design to deliver fast cuts. While ordinary plunge tooth designs can bounce or skate along the work surface, the Fang Tip™ design bites into the wood on first contact to make the cut virtually effortless. A pair of unique, fang-like teeth and an extra-large gullet deliver plunge cuts with ease. The combination of these features will allow users to cut through a wide range of standard and abrasive materials without sacrificing the life of their blade. As the leader in cordless technology, Milwaukee engineered these blades for cordless efficiency. By optimising the geometry of each and every carbide tooth, Milwaukee is able to deliver a cutting solution that provides more cuts per charge.

Blade length : 150 mm
Tooth pitch : 5 mm
Teeth per inch : 5
Material type : Carbide
Max. cutting capacity (soft wood) : 10 - 100 mm
Max. cutting capacity (wood with nails) : 10 - 100 mm
Max. cutting capacity (plastic pipes) : 10 - 100 mm
Max. cutting capacity (plastic / PVC) : 10 - 50 mm
Plunge cut : Yes
Window cut : Yes
Cast iron : Yes
Packed contents : 1

Supplied With
x1 Sawzall Blade

Part Number 48005221
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee
Blade Length 150mm
Pack size 1

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