Milwaukee 48227412 Adjustable Wrench 12 Inch / 300mm

Product Code: 48227412

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The Milwaukee 48227412 Adjustable Wrench offers the user maximum productivity with comfortable ergonomic handles that wont dig into the palms of your hands. The wrenches parallel jaw design ensures the wrench wont slip or damage surfaces. The wrench is protected against rust as it is chrome plated which also helps to extend the tools life.

Features and Benefits

Proprietary adjustment screw - jaws won't back off

Parallel jaws won't slip or damage finish surfaces

Adjustment screw gears designed for smooth adjustment

Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort, won't dig into the palm

Chrome plated for rust protection and durability

Laser etched ruler for east-to-read, accurate size adjustment

Tether-ready handle loop


Length : 300 mm (12")

Supplied With

x1 Adjustable Wrench

Buy Milwaukee 48227412 Adjustable Wrench 12 Inch / 300mm by Milwaukee for only £35.98
Part Number 48227412
Display Weight (Kg) 2.1
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee

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