Milwaukee 49222205 Mixed Sawzall Blades - 5pk

Product Code: 49222205

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The Milwaukee 5 piece Demolition Sawzall blade set features an assortment of our most popular demolition blades for a broad range of professional applications. Milwaukee® demolition blades are thicker for maximum durability and taller for straighter cuts. The set features The Ax™ for cutting nail embedded wood, The Wrecker™ for multi-material demolition cutting, and The Torch™ for metal cutting.

The Ax™ wood cutting Sawzall blades feature FANG TIP™ and NAIL GUARD™. The Torch™ metal cutting blades feature GRID IRON™ and TOUGH NECK™

Supplied with:

1 x AX™ wood with nails - 230 mm x 5 Tpi

1 x WRECKER™ multimaterial - 230 mm x 8 Tpi

1 x TORCH™ metal - 230 mm x 14 Tpi

1 x TORCH™ metal - 150 mm X 14 Tpi

1 x TORCH™ metal - 150 mm x 18 Tpi

Part Number 49222205
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee
Pack size 5

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